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The truth about COVID and its role in the larger agenda has finally been exposed. As we have said previously, COVID exists in all of us; it is a very common human virus, not the deadly killer it has been portrayed to be. The idea that we must be "tested" for COVID and the implications that we must be immunized against this deadly, uncontrollable "virus" go far deeper that what we are being told. It is obvious to us that instilling deadly toxins into our systems with each shot is not something we want. We know that COVID is a naturally occurring part of our human systems and our immune function can deal with it, just as we deal with any virus.

It turns out that the "tests" for COVID are actually a gathering of our DNA so that experiments can be done with our chromosomes to alter our expression as humans. The proposed vaccinations, possibly to be mandated in the future, are intended to steal our intellect and cognitive functions, while making us more prone to illness. Please watch this important video that reveals with scientific explanations what is behind these preposterous, outrageous, and almost unbelievable lies that are coming to the surface as the truth is revealed. You may want to skip the first 10 minutes of this video because the real information comes after 10 minutes of theatrics.

There is so much that does not make sense about what we have been told. This video uncovers deeper and deeper levels of the truth that is being kept from us by governments, media, and medical institutions about the real agenda.

Do you ever ask yourself why so many are so willing to accept the absurd "reasons" that are provided for the increasing governmental controls, while dismissing the obvious and more revealing truths about the situation? It is simply because they want to feel "safe”. They want to believe that they are being taken care of by the government, doctors, and people in whom they have previously put their trust. Because of this collective, misaligned, and confused attitude, humanity has handed over their ability to make our own decisions for the safety of our own species through becoming compliant with whatever lies we are fed. Additionally, we still allow ourselves to be controlled through a monetary fear that we will be fined if we do not do what we are told. Instead, we must choose actions lead by our intuition and higher guidance to keep ourselves truly safe.

As Laarkmaa has been telling us, it is time to stand up and speak out about what we will and will not allow. It is past time to stop obeying ridiculous mandates that are neither legal nor healthy. The revolution is building, and our time for taking action is here now.

Please share this video explanation of the larger agenda with everyone you know. You may also wish to read and share this additional Blog about protecting yourself from the insidious attack of vaccination. The more who wake up and refuse to be controlled, the better chance we have of changing the world. Remember, we are the Light Bearers, and it is up to us to shine the light that we are into the deepest darkness to reveal the truth.

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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