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Updated: Oct 1, 2023

As many of you know by now, what is happening to humanity right now has been planned and carefully executed for hundreds of years. The plan intensified at the end of World War II, 75 years ago, with a group of men who met in the Netherlands called the Bilderberg Group, who set up an Agenda to control humanity. The Five-Eyes Nations, which are all English-speaking countries (England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States) began in earnest a surveillance system that has blossomed into the most insidious and controlling force against human freedom ever experienced. Years later, the Davos Group in Switzerland and the Grove in Northern California in America joined the efforts to accelerate the Agenda, and now the plan is becoming crystal clear to those who have eyes to see. These are the locations where the New World Order is being formulated, designed, and carried out.

The path to control humanity has included:

· Adding the addictive element of sugar (which promotes fear) into our food;

· Introducing and encouraging our reliance on technical devices;

· Geochemical engineering to distort and control our weather;

· The implementation of 5G–– a direct assault on all life;

· The planned current viral pandemic;

· Lockdown and enforced social distancing (which isolate us from each other so it is more difficult to protest);

· The enforced use of masks (which diminish our health and does nothing to prevent or protect from a virus);

· The insistence on inoculations that contain toxic materials and microchips to track and control us;

All of these issues are part of the grand plan for the control of humanity, including a prescriptive elimination of large numbers of people. The key players are names that are in the news: the monied people who put 5G satellites in our skies, produce false information that encourages inoculations and other bad practices, and the owners of surveillance systems that masquerade as our communication devices (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.)

There are many others, as well; information on the Agenda is showing up everywhere. People have clamored for disclosure for years, but as the truth is being disclosed, they label it “conspiracy” and turn away from the truth. Laarkmaa has repeatedly told us the truth, as far back as when they announced that sugar was harmful to our bodies and our light bodies (long before the National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization declared that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine or heroin.)

Laarkmaa tells us that 2021 is a time for revolution and that we must take our live back and stand and speak (or yell) the truth––and we must do it in unity. One of the ways the Agenda masters control us is by dividing us into factions who are emotionally charged about one issue or another. Remember, emotions are the way that we can identify how we, ourselves, are out of balance. We need to take a calm, detached look at the path that has been building to the current planned pandemic situation and how it is serving the larger Agenda, and then take action against that Agenda together. We need to remember that the virus is not the enemy (the human body can and does develop its own antibodies to any flu or virus once exposed). The real enemy is the Agenda and its many faceted lies, assaults, and controls.

Laarkmaa and many other sources tell us that new energies are coming around Solstice this month to support our opening to higher levels of conscious awareness. Let us band together, as one species, undivided by differing beliefs, and simply see the truth that is being disclosed. The time for acting is arriving, and we must be ready to see the truth and act together––using the for light and love we have for each other and the planet.

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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