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On March 1, 1991 Ken Carey, wrote the below prediction, channeled from beings with whom he was working at the time. Since then the concept of an Event, a Shift, or Wave has come into the consciousness of many who are working with the Light. Laarkmaa calls it a Cosmic Pop. We are approaching Solstice in a few hours, and on this Solstice, both Jupiter and Saturn, two of the largest influences on our own planet, are moving into Aquarius. Whether this is the portal that opens the long-awaited Age of Aquarius or simply one more step in the process of our conscious evolution, we reach out across the planet to hold hands and hearts with each of you. Read what Ken Carey said 30 years ago below (the bold emphasis is our s):

“At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth’s gravitational field will be affected in some way. This will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent…

“Properly understood, these changes and their coming have the ability to inspire a degree of hope and optimism unprecedented in the history of your race; for they spell the end of humankind’s subconscious condition and therefore portend, as the scriptures of the world foretell, an end to bloodshed, starvation, warfare, exploitations, and needless suffering…

“All are invited to remember their essence, their purpose, their reason for being here, and to bring through into this age of transformation the sense of celebration that invariably accompanies such remembrance. Every individual who becomes a clear and undistorted channel for eternal love into these times offsets a thousand who remain locked in the dissolving values of the old…

“For millennia now there have been those in various traditions of both East and West who have known that the earth has a due date sometime during the second decade of the twenty-first century...

“It is the event that is central to all of human history...

“The consciousness that will ultimately emerge will be the consciousness of the Eternal One, the Creator, the Being of Life, awake and aware for the first time inside a material universe. Human circuitry is designed to accommodate this consciousness…

“This event will be of greater power than any the earth has ever seen. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God...

“There will be a great shift then, a single moment of quantum awakening.”

­­–– Ken Carey, March 1, 1991

Perhaps this is the Cosmic Pop Laarkmaa has been telling us about for years. Honestly, we don’t know what to expect, so we are approaching tomorrow’s

arriving energies with open hearts. This could be a beginning, or as Laarkmaa says, a series of Cosmic Pops, or this could be IT, the shift on which we have all been waiting.

The picture at the top of this page was taken by friends in the Caribbean as we, Cullen and Pia, walked hand-in-hand on the beach in the setting sun, with a beautiful green orb accompanying us. You can’t see the orb in the photo, but perhaps you can feel the energy. We are all walking into a new sunset tonight, and a new beginning of some kind tomorrow. We are walking with you!

With love, trust, joy, and compassion,

Pia and Cullen

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1 Comment

Fantastic story. Wonderful age in human evolution. When I opened this article to read, first what I had seen, it was this beautiful picture. I thought what lovely it is. Probably other one has shared same as me, because this photo is so beautiful, and love is something the most beautiful. I've seen also sometnig like isconic link, no usual really special connection, between man and women. Although it's one form of Divine love, I think it's blessing have had someone who is close our being, who is recognised of own Soul. Two Souls find each other. Thanks a lot for all great informations, particularly for the light that's bringing to us.🙏 ❤️❤️


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