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Dear Friends,

Mark your calendars for a peaceful global revolution against sedition and control. It's happening all over the world on June 22, 2020, just after Solstice. In Gregorian numbers, 22 is a power number of manifestation. In the Pleiadian-Earth Energy System the day holds the energy of New Beginnings (1) and Enlightening. Could we have a better day to stand up together and follow Laarkmaa's guidance to speak the TRUTH?

For more information about this upcoming powerful day, please watch for an eye-opening reminder of what is happening, what we should do, and how we can join together to make our voices heard.

We will be with you!

Love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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1 Comment

oh my goodness. pia and cullen, are we really in a matrix? do we really exist at all?

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