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Laarkmaa came into my life when I was ready to hear their message. A 2-hour retreat popped up in YouTube on my first smart phone. The Universe was saying: Hey guys, I think you want to connect with this energy.” And so, my husband and I did. We are here at this point in time, continuing to bond with Pia, Cullen, and Laarkmaa. To be honest, I feel they are my family on the other side of the Earth/Universe. And all of the Internet tribe that connects through Laarkmaa is family too. There is this closeness, knowing, and peaceful joyful energy that comes from this connection. This hi-vibe fills me so there is always a happy expectation or bursts of joy that help me to see what is possible, and this guides me to extend the love when I connect with Laarkmaa.

As with many who were on a spiritual path, my husband and I were already concerned about Earth Changes and where we should be or what we should be doing to prepare when we first connected with Laarkmaa. We had also been students of A Course in Miracles, and so we compared what we heard or read to the advice we had absorbed from that information. Every transmission, every book, every meditation, every interaction, every piece of advice transmitted from Laarkmaa, Cullen, and Pia has been one of love and expresses no fear, no judgment. That was our key to know that we could continue to listen and follow the guidance Laarkmaa provided. As Laarkmaa says: "Don’t do this because we say so. Listen to your heart."

Our perspective of fear regarding Earth Changes transformed as we came to realize from listening to Laarkmaa, from reading the books transmitted to Cullen and Pia, and from Pia’s book on the Divine Feminine that the most important change for the planet starts in the moment, in our heart and with love. The focus is on how we love ourselves and how we send that out to all life on the planet and indeed to the Universe. Their messages provide practical advice on how to understand our emotions as signposts and respond to situations with love. Indeed, when I was having difficulty at work that was emotionally charged for me, I watched Laarkmaa’s Heart Meditation–Returning the Heart to Humanity - many times to bring myself to a place of balance so I could look at my situation as an observer and see how to respond with compassion and integrity.

Both my husband and I use the Pleiadian-Earth Energy calendar to understand the energies that are present for each day and adjust our response to whatever is occurring. Realizing first that whatever energies are manifesting are all OK, and secondly, asking "what’s the gift in this energy?" because there are always gifts. Part of this process also involves feeling and understanding and more so feeling that our personal core energies from our births express differently. In fact, both my husband’s and son’s core energies express very differently than my own core energy. We have a core truth–we love one another– but because we are often speaking ‘apples and oranges’, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, etc. were overwhelming us until we learned to use this system for personal exploration. I also did not see myself clearly. Living from a place of honesty and transparency with an understanding of the energies surrounding the “me” became our strategies. There is no longer just a mental understanding going on between us; we now have a knowing and a feeling from the heart that goes a lot further in healing, acceptance, and honoring both my truth and another’s truth.

I have evolved, and through this journey found my voice. More so now as my growth is escalating. I understand and feel, really feel, the power we have as individuals and as a collective. The power that love has to actuate solutions in individual, regional, and global situations. Somewhere in all of this is a courage, a wisdom, and a balance manifested in my responses. Does that mean that there are no more shadows? No. But I look at the rising shadows as opportunities for growth and emotions as the signal that something is coming up to be examined. Oh! Don’t be hard on yourself if you do react. That’s something else I learned. Be kind to yourself in this growing process.

My family and I are blessed and very grateful for the love and guidance Laarkmaa continues to send us. We are thankful that Pia and Cullen have dedicated their lives to getting this message to us.

In the words of Laarkmaa: I love you. Good Always!

–Victoria and Jack Shields, New Jersey, USA

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