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The world's attention has been turned on the virus that we are told is sweeping the planet. In fact, so much attention is focused upon this topic, that many people have forgotten that much of what they are experiencing comes from Cosmic Weather and Ascension Symptoms.

Laarkmaa has warned us that the Solar Minimum has caused our magnetosphere to be weaker, eliminating the natural protection in our atmosphere that we have always enjoyed from Solar Flares and incoming Cosmic Rays. Additionally they have told us that when we fly, we are at altitude, bringing us even closer to the magnetosphere where we experience an even higher dose of Cosmic Ray energy. These rays impact memory and the physical body, so it is important to use every protection possible to keep ourselves safe.

At Laarkmaa's request, we are providing links you can follow to find your own 3D EMF protection devices here:

Best Supplements for internal protection against EMF rays are:

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Iodine (low dose; consult your doctor if you are on Thyroid medication)

But the best protection of all is to step away from fear and accept the light that is coming into our cells, while simultaneously using whatever 3D protection we can. And make wise choices about how much we fly and how

much we use or are around Internet and cell phones.

As for protection against Viruses, remember that viruses do not like heat;

they thrive in cold environments, so keep yourselves warm and take extra 3D supplementation during any virus season–not just when the media promotes a particular virus that is spreading. Supplements we always keep on hand and find most effective are in protecting us viruses are:


Colloidal Silver

Quercetin with C

Oregano Oil


Vitamins D and A

Essential Oils that fight viruses are:

Tea tree oil






Spread a bit of these oils on a scarf that you hold over your face when you are in a crowded situation.

Again, the very best protections you can use against any situation are

your objectivity and positive thoughts. These are your most effective and largest protections in any and all situations. We are Ascending, and that is a process humanity has never experienced before. So keep your spirits and your vibrations high, and remember that we are in this together! In Lak'ech.

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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