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The pineal gland, a tiny pinecone shaped gland in the center of the brain, has long been known to be connected to mystical processes and spiritual awakening. The pineal gland keeps us connected to Nature, reminding us that we are Nature. It also plays a major role in helping us to regulate our body temperature. It is actually considered the regulator of all other body regulators, affecting not only body temperature, but also blood pressure, motor activity, sleep, reproductive function, growth, the immune system, and mood. Consider the many Indian yogis who maintain a steady temperature in spite of external extreme hot or cold temperatures. Could it be that their spiritual practices help them to utilize the many gifts of the pineal more consciously than most of us?

Unfortunately, in the current toxic environment on Earth, with its too many EMFs, petrochemicals, fluoridation, and other poisons, most of our pineal glands are experiencing some level of calcification. Calcification of the pineal lowers the production of melatonin, confuses our reproductive systems, and throws off our circadian rhythms. When the pineal gland is calcified, the quality of our sleep is also severely impacted.

Without a fully functional pineal, we are disconnected from our intuition, each other, and Nature Herself. Such disconnection contributes to false belief systems, poor decisions, and the ability to be programmed or controlled by media, government, religion, or society. Our potential to be ALL of who we truly are is limited by calcification of this treasured gland.

Laarkmaa has spoken on the International Live Calls and written in their book Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension about how this atrocity of purposefully calcifying our pineals is affecting our evolutionary process. They also list the steps we must take to clear the calcification, prevent further calcification, and take advantage of the original design of our precious pineal glands.

One of the most beneficial supplements we can take is Boron, which is an antidote to fluorine, also known as fluoride, which harms this gland. Fulvic acid, containing 77 trace minerals and all the essential amino acids, helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals, while delivering antioxidants and minerals directly to our cells. Other supplements are mentioned in Laarkmaa’s Manual, however, there is no point in taking supplements to heal the pineal if we don’t stop the environmental abuse that is causing the problem. The list of offenders is outlined in Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension. We encourage you to pay attention to what is happening to your own pineal gland. Are you experiencing sleep irregularities, irritability, anxiousness? Are you immersed in the technological world more than the world of Nature? Are you accessing your own intuition, as is your right? If some of these areas are not in balance, calcification of the pineal could be part of the problem.

As Light Bearers, we need to be sure that we are able to both let in the light and give it out to others. Do what you can for your wonderful pineal gland, so that it can share its many gifts with you and the world!

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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