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We are living in a very intense period that has been accelerating since February 11, when Pluto, the planet of transformation, moved into its most extreme degree in Capricorn, giving us its maximum push towards what needs to change within us and on our planet. The Western astrological sign of Capricorn is all about structures. We are seeing the structures of our governments, medical institutions, relationships, and society in general fall apart. We are seeing the structures of our bodies change. We are seeing the very bones of the Earth experience extremely chaotic transformations as Earth seeks her new form.

From the Pleiadian-Earth energy viewpoint, we are in the field of Seeing Earth Energy that began yesterday at sunset and will last until March 6th. Seeing Energy enhances our ability to see the details of life. Often our tendency in this energy is to focus on the minutiae of what needs correction, which can lead us to making rash choices without seeing the larger picture. But Seeing Energy encourages us to use and enhance our vision so that we can see the Big Picture. We know that we have been distracted by the details of mandates and controlling regulations that have controlled our lives for the last 3 years, without seeing the Big Picture of the Agenda behind them. Now people are waking up. Now people are beginning to see the larger reality, which allows us to better understand the choices we need to make individually and collectively to take back our lives and our planet. We are reminded and encouraged during this period to live from Ahimsa and make choices that are for the highest good for all (Ahimsa means “Do no harm.”)

But in seeing the larger picture, we need to also see the positive that is arriving as more light is generated into the cells of our bodies from solar flares and other cosmic gifts. More light means that we are moving towards more light-filled, crystalline bodies rather than the dense physical forms that our spirits are accustomed to wearing. We need to find a new way of viewing what we are experiencing, for humanity has never been through such an intense time of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of the process of Ascension. Aches and pains, extreme fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, insomnia, and digestive distress are some of the signals that our physical forms are incorporating more of the arriving light into our cells and adapting/adjusting to a new kind of physicality. Any birth brings pain in the process, and the new forms we are birthing are no exception.

The new Super Moon in Pisces that arrived just 2 days ago just prior to our moving into Seeing Earth Energy, preceded the energetic possibilities for new ideas and visions of the future that are coming into focus. Blessed by a New Super Moon in Pisces, we are more likely to use our intuition rather than relying upon tired, outdated systems of logic. If we tune into Seeing Energy, wonderful ideas for co-creating a better future will pour into us through our adjusted vision and way of seeing life and evolution.

This does not mean that conflict will disappear. On the contrary, dynamic tension will continue to increase as we approach the Spring Equinox and the passage of Pluto into Aquarius. With our enhanced vision, we must remember to look at all areas of conflict as a cosmic incentive for us to rebel against what is not working and step forward in unity and integrity claiming how we choose to live, mandated by our High Selves and our hearts, not by any governmental or regulatory agency.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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