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Today in the Universal Energy of 13 and the Earth Energy of Planting we integrate all the seeds we have planted with our thoughts, our intentions, and our words in the past 13 days. At sunset we begin to experience Moving Earth Energy for the next 13 days, a perfect place for preparing for the cosmic energies that will be arriving around October 22!

Moving Energy allows us to encounter both the highest and lowest vibrations of our Earthly experience, which is a perfect place to examine and understand more clearly how we have been been trained by our third dimensional dualistic experience of avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Laarkmaa encourages us to reflect on the fact that every experience is just an experience for learning and not to attach to either negative or positive experiences. Instead we are to recognize that everything is always changing and we can participate in determining how things manifest through the energy of our reactions or responses to circumstances with our courage, our strength, and our positive intentions.

The Maya considered Moving Energy to be a primal force in the universe that brings BIG changes. Laarkmaa tells us that Moving Energy supports our movement into higher states of awareness, if we step away from our belief systems, our addictions, and our separating behaviors. Many of us can intuitively feel the impending arrival of new energies related to the cosmic wave of higher energies that are arriving to support our evolution in consciousness around October 22.

Of course, October 22 is a Gregorian Date, and we do not truly live in linear time any longer. Therefore, we have the opportunity to ride the waves of Moving Energy in the next 13 days, where the height of the cosmic wave may be felt before, after, or around October 22, in the middle of this Moving 13-day period.

For all of us who have been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, tired, or simply wanting to “Go Home,” this is our opportunity to move through dualistic experiences in a different and more powerful way, with open hearts and a higher level of response to life.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


Laarkmaa is offering assistance during this very potent time to help everyone remove their unconscious blocks so that we can all move forward. You can request a personal session to receive their help here. You can get dietary support from Pia here to remove these blocks from your cellular memory.

You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the accompanying 2023 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar. You can also explore your own energetic makeup with a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrological Chart. My Course on this amazing astrological system is available here.

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