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Today we have the opportunity to integrate our experiences into more usable patterns because today carries the Universal Energy of 13, the power of Integration.

We have this opportunity to integrate every 13 days, on the last day of each 13-day period. What does it mean to integrate? It means to look back on what was happening in our life in the last 12 days, and how we either reacted or responded to it. How have we grown? How are we stuck? Have we harmed ourselves or others with emotional reactivity? What is asking to be resolved within us that needs to be examined or integrated from the previous 12 days of experience?

We began this period in Catalyzing Earth Energy and are ending it in 13 Illuminating Earth Energy. The message in this period has been for us to catalyze ourselves into action, move beyond old reactive patterns and make changes at the most basic level that our souls are calling us to make. If we do this, we can become catalysts ourselves for change in the world. All outer change begins from inside. Today in Illuminating Earth energy, we have extra light shining into all of our dramas, our shadows, and our hidden places that are full of blocks and habitual patterns of behavior. As we look back over the last 13-day period, which has been exceptionally potent with Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, an Equinox, Mercury Retrograde, and a New Moon, we need to ask ourselves what our emotions have been telling us? What and why have we reacted? Is there a parallel life that is asking to be healed so that we can have more grace and flow in this one?

The Integration energy of 13 today is aligned with the last day of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes Direct tomorrow, the first of six currently retrograde planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus) to begin forward movement. Simultaneously, we will experience our first full day in Choosing Earth Energy tomorrow. The 13-day period of Choosing Earth energy precedes the auspicious Venus Star change that is arriving on October 22, which will herald possibilities for profound changes in our lives.

Choosing Energy is related to the Path of Destiny, not only ours but our collective destiny as a species as well. The Universe gives us challenges and opportunities to grow through those challenges, but the outcome of each circumstance is largely determined by the choices we make. Will we stay stuck, unhappy, sick, and separated from Nature and one another? Or will we choose to preserve through every challenge we encounter, refusing to be defeated? We can always see these challenges as opportunities rather than road blocks. The choice is ours.

Venus is in the phase of Immersion from now until October 22. This means that in the sky, Venus is too close to the sun to be visible from Earth. This may be felt as an increased sense of separation here on Earth. Many of us feel that sense of separation intensely, as if we are all alone and there is no one with whom we can connect. There is a sense that we are moving toward something, that something is coming. There is an uncomfortable push to go more deeply into ourselves and find out what issues, hopes, and fears are living there. The question keeps returning of what makes us feel so alone? What causes this sense of separation? When Venus, the planet representing unconditional love, is furthest distance from Earth in the phase of Immersion, issues of separation are natural. They rise to the surface to be healed. They may show up as a disconnection from someone you care about. Or they may show up as a discomfort with yourself and the life you are living. When we are willing to find out what is there within us, integrating all aspects of ourselves from all dimensions, we become more authentic, and therefore more connected to all of life. By the end of this phase, if we use its energy well, we can transmute these things into a powerful sense of unconditional love and connection.

My choice during this potent time is to let go of judgment of myself and others, choosing kindness and unconditional acceptance instead. That means I must use the power of this integrative day of 13 energy to examine where and how I have reacted or responded, and how I want to change that going forward. Reactions create selfish and unconscious choices that hurt ourselves and others, perpetuating the patterns of separation, suffering and continued judgment. Responses create conscious solutions for empowered changes that we wish to see. Our thoughts, our words, our tone, and our actions all carry powerful energy. How we choose to use that energy is up to us.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


Laarkmaa is offering assistance during this very potent time to help everyone remove their unconscious blocks so that we can all move forward. You can request a personal session to receive their help here. You can get dietary support from Pia here to remove these blocks from your cellular memory.

You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the accompanying Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar. The new 2023 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar is now available! You can also explore your own energetic makeup with a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrological Chart. My Course on this amazing astrological system is available here.

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Juliette Lite
Juliette Lite

Excellent message, very powerful, thank you

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