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Today we are experiencing the first full day of the 13-day period of Listening Earth energy. This energy brings the opportunity to do inner work in quiet contemplation and peace, something that we increasingly need to do in this time of chaos, transition, and change. There are many challenges that we are facing and taking time to listen to our own hearts guides us through the changes we need to make. The work we do during this period will have long lasting effects in all of our relationships.

Listening energy is a period when the chaos of the outer world makes clear what needs our participation in making positive change. We are in a time of the dark before the dawn, but we are together as we face our challenges, with courage, integrity, and transparency.

Inappropriate responses to Listening energy can cause one to be pessimistic, troubled, or controlling of others. Appropriate use of Listening energy encourages one to practice quiet responsibility, empathy, care and compassion, as we choose to be responsible for our thoughts, our words, our beliefs, and our actions. Always going deeply into our own hearts is the path of wisdom that brings the answers we seek, and never is that more important than during the 13-day period of Listening Energy.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in

Explore your personal Pleiadian-Earth energies in depth with your own Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart.

My November Pleiadian-Earth Energy Workshop will take you more deeply into understanding the Pleiadian-Earth Energy System. You do not have to have completed Level 1 to attend, although it may be helpful to you. Just bring your energy and your birthdate and join us!

Laarkmaa is offering their assistance through sharing their Pleiadian perspective in personal sessions. You can request a personal session to receive their help or an Evolutionary Evaluation.

Intuitive Sessions with Pia are also available.

You can request an Alternative Health Session or get individualized dietary support based on the Ascension Diet from Pia to support the changes you are making at a cellular level.

NANO SOMA, which helps you to return to the original blueprint of health, and DEFENSE FOR PLANET EARTH protection devices (DPE) are available here (all proceeds go towards sharing Laarkmaa’s wisdom with the world):

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