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Today, January 27, we experience our first full day of the 13-day period of Feeling Earth Energy. Certainly we are feeling a great deal in these challenging times, with opportunities for paying attention to what we feel, both through emotional guidance and through intuitive connections. The down side of Feeling energy is getting caught in the habitual patterns of negative emotions rather than moving through them easily. The upside is holding on to the positive states that are our natural and evolving true selves.

As those who are trying to force the Agenda of control on the collective begin to realize that they can never win, they are trying harder to put mandatory controls into place. Yet as we choose to feel the positive movement of the energies that are arriving to support us, the Agenda makers are no match for what together we can energetically do to create a better reality than the one they are planning. Their attempts at manipulation and control will never come to fruition.

The Maya considered the period of Feeling Earth Energy, which they called Muluc, to be full of difficulty, distress, and challenge. Certainly that is true right now. Cosmic rays, solar flares, shifting Shuman Resonance, and other planetary influences are all bringing challenges for our physical (and sometimes mental/emotional) states. We are receiving more radiation, but we are also receiving more light into our cellular structure, supporting our movement into higher vibratory forms. Our job is to simply move beyond feelings of frustration or disappointment as we go through this transitional time.

In alignment with the Pleiadian-Earth Feeling Energy, Western astrology also points to some particularly challenging energies arising in the middle of the Feeling 13-day period. February 3 may have more intense feelings of disappointment and frustration, particularly in all kinds of relationships (Venus square Mars). February 4 brings a harsh energy where we will need to watch our words and our reactions from the building frustrations. There may be strong moods of rebellion, individually and collectively as we push for positive change (Sun square Uranus). And on Sunday, February 5 we will most likely experience power struggles–with ourselves, with others, and in the world. (Full Moon in Uranus).

Feeling energy is like water, and water (which is the largest part of our physical makeup) always has the wisdom to move over, under, around, through, or to dissolve obstacles or difficulties. As Laarkmaa always says, “Water is magic!”

All we need to do to use Feeling energy appropriately for the next 13 days is to avoid emotional reactivity and examine our thoughts and beliefs about whatever is happening in our lives. Remember, our natural feeling state, Laarkmaa reminds us, is to feel love, trust, joy, and compassion. Choose one of these and focus on it if you start to feel unbalanced or stuck.

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia Don’t forget that Laarkmaa is available, offering their help through personal sessions during this very potent time to help remove unconscious blocks and flow into the higher feeling states. You can request a personal session to receive their help or an Evolutionary Evaluation.

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