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Today is our first full day in the 13-day energetic period of Intuiting Energy. Never on Earth has it been more imperative to hone our intuitive skills and pay clear attention to the ever-present guidance that arrives from our hearts. We are surrounded by false prophets who use some of the right words but without the energy of love behind their actions and fake news that is intended to confuse and frighten us.

But all we need to cut through the incorrect things we hear or through what we are shown here in the illusion of 3D is the wisdom of our heart, which speaks to us and guides us intuitively. When we listen to our intuition, we learn to see all things clearly, without the filters of our beliefs or emotions. There is nothing we need right now more than heart-led clarity. Our hearts will always steer us in the right direction with profound wisdom.

Because we can be easily overwhelmed with so much information coming from so many sources, we can be grateful that the universe is providing this 13-day energetic period right now, helping us to improve our intuitive skills. But remember, because we always have a choice, we can either react to the challenges and fearful things we may hear, or we can choose to go into our hearts and quietly listen for guidance. Remember, the choice is always there!

Cullen and I choose quiet, heart-filled intuition over fearful reactions. I trust you will make the same choice and join us in raising the vibration of everyone through making choices from your heart. Our combined vibrations really do make a difference.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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My November Pleiadian-Earth Energy Workshop will provide more insights about how you can make a difference in today's world through more deeply understanding your own energy. You do not have to have completed Level 1 to attend, although it may be helpful to you. Just bring your energy and your birthdate and join us!

Explore your personal Pleiadian-Earth energies in depth with your own Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart now discounted if you register for the above workshop!

You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in

Laarkmaa is offering their assistance through sharing their Pleiadian perspective in personal sessions. You can request a personal session to receive their help

Intuitive Sessions with Pia are also available.

You can request an Alternative Health Session or get individualized dietary support based on the Ascension Diet from Pia to support the changes you are making at a cellular level.

NANO SOMA, which helps you to return to the original blueprint of health, and DEFENSE FOR PLANET EARTH protection devices (DPE) are available here (all proceeds go towards sharing Laarkmaa’s wisdom with the world):

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I'll be joining you both in the quiet space of heart-felt connection, intuition, confidence and grace by slowing down, creating more 'white space' in my agenda and limiting the use of computer and smartphone. Love&Light, Anne

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