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Updated: May 26, 2023

Pleiadian Earth Energy

Today we find ourselves fully experiencing the potency of Exploring Energy, which will over-light all other energies for the next the 13 days.

Exploring Energy fosters new discoveries, explorations, and possibilities. One of the main things we are exploring right now is how to be healthy humans on Earth in the changing environment, which is becoming more toxic from 5G radiation and Geochemical poisoning daily. Many of us are experiencing unprecedented fatigue, feeling weak or drained of energy, disrupted sleep, disrupted digestion, swollen feet, legs, hands, feeling sleepy during the day, muscle, joint, and bone pain, intense burning and discomfort of our eyes, inexplicable heat surges, vertigo, anxiety or apathy, and many other “symptoms” that indicate that some kind of unusual change is occurring.

But we are also experiencing an increase of light from the Sun, which supports change from density to a more crystalline form as our cells begin to reflect all the light we are receiving. The bio-photons of light pouring into our atmosphere can certainly be uncomfortable as they clear density and disharmonious patterns of living that each of us may have accepted through our choices or what we have been taught by our societies through what Cullen has named “Bad Training.” We need a parallel way to live and thrive during this unprecedented evolutionary process. It is indeed a time for deep exploration!

It is challenging to assign our symptoms to one category or another: Ascension symptoms or planetary toxic poisoning? Laarkmaa suggests that we focus on easing the symptoms as much as possible through changing our diet, keeping our thoughts in the higher frequencies of trust and gratitude, and above all, being in Nature as much as possible. It is in Nature that we find our balance and most easily receive guidance on how to proceed as we explore who we are becoming. Nature is the best restorative place we have.

During the next 13 days governed by Exploring Energy we may have new spiritual insights, discover hidden talents, or find strength to heal from old physical, mental, or emotional imbalances. We may find that we simply cannot remain attached to old expectations, beliefs, or patterns of behavior that have supported us previously. Old patterns or cycles of behavior no longer serve our current evolutionary path. The quickly changing environment on Earth as She moves through the Ascension process requires us to increase our own explorations of what is possible individually and collectively. Exploring energy is related to all things that nourish us, and it is time to explore how our Sun and other sources of light are providing nourishment to us that is different from our habitual beliefs about what sustains us. We are, after all, beings of light ourselves.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


Explore your personal Pleiadian-Earth energies in depth with your own Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart.

You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in

and the accompanying continual non-expiring reference Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar.

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