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On today, October 13, 2023, we experience the Universal Energy of 13, the energy that supports our integration of where and who we have been so that we can move forward with a clearer understanding of who we are and how we have been participating with life energies. “Friday the 13th” is also known by many who are in touch with the Divine Feminine as “Lucky Women’s Day” in spite of our patriarchal culture’s attempt to label this as an unlucky day to distract us from positive potential and possibilities. We should definitely take the time and energy to focus on integrating our past all day today because at sunset today, we begin a new 13-day period that will be very intense!

Tomorrow we experience a New Moon and an Annular Solar Eclipse, both in alignment with the beginning of the 13-day period of Feeling Energy. Feeling Energy always holds the potential to be the most emotionally tense 13-day period in the entire Venus cycle of 260 days. It also holds the potential to connect with our true feeling states of love, joy, trust, compassion, patience, and kindness.

This particular Eclipse occurs at the South Node of the Moon, which affects us through pressure to release and dispose of all negative energy or anything that no longer works in our lives. It can affect our relationships, career, and life decisions, and we must focus on integrity about what we think, feel, and do, following our hearts.

From the broader Pleiadian perspective, Laarkmaa has encouraged us all to explore our own individual energetic makeup and learn just how our energies can contribute to positive changes in the world. There are several very good ways you can do this. A personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart indicates your karmic patterns (what you are releasing and what you are moving towards.) My November 10-12 Workshop will delve into the gifts and challenges of specific karmic patterns and how to use them. The workshop will also show you how to know when you are individually experiencing a Shadow Cycle of challenges for growth and talk about the themes of all the Shadow Cycles that affect everyone in the collective field. The planet Venus (planet of Love) is the most influential planet involved in the Pleiadian-Earth System, and the workshop will show you how the Phases of Venus affect your personality, your relationships, and your path of evolution.

If you do not resonate with the above options, you can choose to explore your own Energy by dipping into the wisdom shared in the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology–Charting the Spirals of Consciousness.

There is no doubt that the world is changing as we move away from the limitations of time and move into a clearer understanding of how we participate with all change through our own energy, for everthing in our world is made up of energy. During the Eclipse and for the following days, do your best to release anything negative in your life, including your own patterns of thought or belief that may no longer serve you or the world. Be ready to embrace all the positive feelings that are your birthright!

Give others space, avoid emotional reactivity, and manage your own feelings. We are all in this together, and how we think and feel impacts everyone else. Together we can accomplish whatever we need to do to move forward. Remember, the choices we make affect all others, not just our own lives.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


You do not have to have completed Level 1 to attend the November workshop, although it may be helpful to you. Just bring your energy and your birthdate and join us!

Explore the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in the newly released 2024 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar.

Laarkmaa is always available to assist through sharing their Pleiadian perspective in personal sessions. You can request a personal session to receive their help or an Evolutionary Evaluation.

Intuitive Sessions with Pia are also available.

You can request an Alternative Health Session or get individualized dietary support based on the Ascension Diet from Pia to support the changes you are making at a cellular level.

NANO SOMA, which helps you to return to the original blueprint of health, is available here (all proceeds go towards sharing Laarkmaa’s wisdom with the world):

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