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The Universal Energy of Three is the energy of creativity, so whenever things happen in threes, we can be sure that the initiating pulse is available for us to create new possibilities! Today we have three cosmic energetic events happening simultaneously:

Universal Energy 1 (the beginning of a new cycle of Universal Energies)

Earth Energy Being (the beginning of a new cycle of Earth Energies)

Equinox (new beginnings as the season changes)

All three of these energies suggest that we are beginning a new cycle in our human experience, and the creative energy of three invites us to work with the Universe to co-create a better world through raising our consciousness. Universal Energy 1 tells us that whatever Earth Energy is present on that day will over-light the next 13 days, how we respond to circumstances, and what we create. The Earth Energy is Being, an Eastern energy that supports our understanding that the most important thing we can do is to be, and Laarkmaa always tells us that our job is to simply Be Love. Can we do that now? Can we practice that for the next 13 days (or from now on?) Can we put aside all our judgments, our trauma and stories of blame, and our separating beliefs? Can we use the energies of Equinox and 1 Being to truly start a new cycle for ourselves, humanity, and the planet?

In the Northern Hemisphere we are stepping into Spring, with all its hope and possibility. In Duality, the Southern Hemisphere experiences Autumn Equinox, a time of harvest. The cosmic energies of 1 Being are global, reaching across the planet to both hemispheres. Whatever the season, we are ready for change, and the trinity of energies that are present now offering new beginnings is powerful!

Cullen and I wrote an article that will soon be published in Sedona Journal in America and in Watkins Magazine in the UK. You can preview it here. The importance of this article has to do with the changing energies and our releasing the belief that we are locked into certain “contracts” that we must complete. We strongly feel that along with the energy of new beginnings, new contracts are also in order!

Three days from now on March 23, Pluto, the planet of profound transformation, moves from controlling Capricorn energy into the free, rebellious energy of Aquarius. While this Pluto shift is only a preview of what is to come, it gives us a refreshing breath of release from all the manipulation we have been experiencing, along with the power to change what we don’t want or what clearly isn’t working. Pluto in Aquarius puts us in a position of learning how to use our power to create from a higher vibration.

The most important principle to embrace as we experience the possibilities that are opening for us is to remember to use the principle of Ahimsa (DO NO HARM to anything or anyone) in every thought, decision, conversation, and action. This applies to changing our thoughts, responding with love rather than emotionally reacting, making higher vibratory dietary choices, and being kind to everyone, whether we like them or not. Only when we fully embrace Ahimsa, we will we be able to experience true unconditional love. So let’s unite and seize the opportunity to fulfill our real purpose here on Earth by fulfilling Laarkmaa’s Pleiadian suggestion for us to simply Be Love.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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