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Many of us are not feeling "quite right" in ways that are not associated with Ascension symptoms. We are having reports from all over the world from people who began feeling physically ill or emotionally irritated for no apparent reason on Thursday. On Wednesday night 96 more 5G Satellites were launched into space. This definitely has an effect on our lives!

While our focus of attention has been pulled away from 5G and placed on regaining our freedom from testing, lockdowns, and vaccinations, those who wish to control humanity through the Internet of Things have assiduously pressed forward with the implementation of 5G satellites in space, causing more and more irradiation on the planet.

We must be vigilent and do what we can to stop this assault against all life.

Take a look at Arthur Firstenberg's lastest report here and respond as you feel is appropriate. Do what you can to support the much needed actions to stop 5G. Vaccinations are not the only thing that can kill us.

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