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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

On April 7 in Laarkmaa's International Live Call, our Pleiadian friends told the world that we can no longer be complacent, registering concern for our Earthly environment from a distance. "Your very survival is at risk," said Laarkmaa, "and you must act now to make changes."

The nefarious 5G that is being planned for humanity (without our input

or consent) will be the final blow that eliminates all life on the planet.

And because those who are promoting this are either ignorant of the true

effects of 5G or simply too greedy to see the big picture, it is our job to

put a stop to this technology that will have such a horrendous and everlasting effect on life on Earth. If 5G is achieved, the aftermath will be worse for

humanity than nuclear war.

In combination with WiGig technology, which increases data transfer ten times faster than standard WiFi, 5G can create a frequency that has the ability to cause a rotation of all water molecules in the body. Considering that the human body is roughly 70% water, this has the potential for an enormous systemic effect on the cellular structure of all life. Politically,

when a government can control the water molecules in the body, they can control every aspect of that person's life.

New Dawn Magazine in Australia, just published an article describing the massive reach of this technology. No one on Earth can escape 5G's irradiating effects, no matter how remote you may live. It seems all nations and all governments are racing to see who can attain it the most quickly, for the highest economic gain.

But 5G also holds a secret benefit to the governments of the world. The use of 5G will provide instant access to private information on every person globally. No matter how guarded each government may have been about disclosing the true capabilities of 5G, our personal liberty and our very lives are at stake. The invasion of our personal privacy and freedom through the use of 5G, and its irradiating effects on health, will soon reveal it as the most invasive, controlling, and destructive tool humankind has ever known.

Listen to the Pleiadian warning from Laarkmaa here:

Please watch Sasha Stone's remarkable video about 5G here:

Listen to EMF Researcher, Joe Imbriano talk about how 5G together with WiGig is a weapon that will be used to silently destroy humanity by decreasing the oxygen in the cells of our bodies here:

Read the New Dawn Magazine on 5G here.

Share this information with everyone you know. Contact your governmental leaders and protest. Do whatever is necessary. This is the biggest threat humanity has ever known, and it is our job to eliminate it.

Sending love and light is always a first step, but now we need to also take physical action. Stop 5G before it stops us.

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