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Finding Our Power

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


After we published the “Declaration of Sovereignty” that had been shared with us by Laarkmaa followers in various parts of the world, we received a request to eliminate the negative effect of the way “No” was continually used. At that request, we have rewritten the original declaration in the more positive language that was requested. You are right, of course. The language we choose does have an effect on others and on us, for as Laarkmaa says, “we speak ourselves into being.”

In the new version, it is easy to see the power that we carry when we simply remember who we are. Therefore, this declaration becomes superfluous, for these truths are simply a part of us. But when we forget, well-chosen words can support our return to our own sovereign place of power, the place of love within our hearts

We are living during a period where we may feel discouraged, disheartened, disconnected, or just plain lost. Some of us feel that we have lost our purpose or that the world just doesn’t meet the standards that we choose to live by for the highest good of all. We may even feel that we have lost connection with our guidance or that we cannot trust our own hearts, which can lead to feelings of overwhelming despair.

Very little, if anything, that we have relied upon in the past holds true in the present. It probably feels a bit like our survival skills or tools for transformation cannot keep us safe any longer. At times it feels as if our internal guidance system is “off.” As our dear friend Maria Belknap put it, “the singular face of truth is wobbling. It is unprecedented in our experience of reality, and we are at a complete loss about how to proceed.”

The truth is that we have been given a new map, and we are just trying to figure out how to read it. Yes, the energies are different. Yes, the world does not respond to our normal ways of interaction. We all need a bit of encouragement right now, as the whole of humanity is being affected by incoming energies that promote evolutionary change. Cosmically, these energies have not coalesced in this pattern for twenty six thousand years. Humanity has never been in this place before.

The revised “Declaration of Sovereignty” offers us the chance to remind ourselves of how powerful we are so that we will not feel lost. We can choose to read only those portions that we have forgotten and to individually reword them in the most powerful language available to us. Laarkmaa reminds us that our most potent tool is choice. As powerful beings who hold that sovereign power, we can choose not only our actions, but our words and thoughts as well. A choice to use our energy in each and every moment to serve the highest good of all is a larger choice than an intermediary step of simply declaring our sovereign power. In other words, making positive conscious choices moment by moment is far stronger than declaring what we will or will not do.

We only shared the original “Declaration” as a point of remembering who we are and the power we carry. We, Cullen and Pia, personally favor Part Three as the most potent and powerful reminder of who we are and how we can make a difference. Laarkmaa always tells us that we must take responsibility for the choices we make, and Part Three reinforces that human responsibility. Use this Declaration as you choose, and thank you for participating in how we can change the world together!

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

Declaration of Full Sovereignty in This Embodiment

Immortality, Freedom, Immunity from Earth’s authority structure


I AM ETERNAL, embodied at the moment inside of the human body suit.

I claim all rights as such, and FULLY RESERVE them for my living Being.

Consent for everything must be asked for. I am in control of the consent I give for anything that affects my person.

I am the final arbiter and authority on what my consent means. My consent can only be used for my highest good because it is MY CREATION.

I now connect with my Guides who stand behind my highest interests in every given situation, and I call on my higher self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting 100% Sovereignty of my Being in every NOW moment, in accordance with the goals, and intentions that I freely chose for this lifetime.

I call upon the elemental, cosmic, and ancestral realms, interdimensional and intergalactic intelligences to witness my declaration, to assist in upholding the integrity of my intention, and to co-create with me in manifesting my highest potentials personally, and in service to the Earth.



  1. I assert autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting emanations.

1.2 I explicitly disallow any and all interference with the energy of my Being to distort or delay the fulfillment of my purpose in this lifetime. Whatever form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and only I will decide how it will be used.

1.3 I cancel All contracts and All agreements with All Entities throughout All of My Lives, in All Dimensions and in All Timelines that are not in my highest interest.

1.4 Only by my express consent can any human being, living being, machine, entity, person, corporation, or their representatives, and especially secret society groups spy, look into, watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason. This includes all means and forms of communication, whether in my personal life, in e-mails, phone conversations, computer usage, Internet travel and access, personal or business writings.

1.5 Only by my express consent can the use of nanites, parasites, harmful vaccines or any other type of infectious diseases or infectious technology, whatsoever be used upon my human physical body, mind, or soul.

1.6 Only by my express consent can any type of MIND CONTROL, or the use of intelligent technology implants (physical, ethereal, or astral), living or non living, to be used on my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any affect upon my physical body, mind, emotions, or soul or could result in loss of memories from this and all previous lifetimes in ANY way. Only by my express consent can programming placed into the television and video images I watch.

1.7 Only by my express consent can any deception be used on me at any time, anywhere, that creates a negative outcome on the health and welfare of the PLANET EARTH or on the health and welfare of my own living Being, or to my freedoms, my prosperity, or my happiness, (also described as my life). Anyone who tries to do so WILL be contractually obligated to COMPENSATE me for any deceptions that cause the Planet Earth or me harm.

1.8 Only by my express consent can the use of mental energies or any other forms of frequency be used to attack my living Being. Only by my express consent can any NEGATIVE BEINGS create dreams when I am asleep, or attack me while I sleep. Only by my express consent can spells be cast that could cause a negative affect on my body, mind, emotions, or soul. Only by my express consent can machine like, robotic technology either physically, ethereally, or astrally implanted, be used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm my body, my mind, my emotions my astral body, or my soul at any time, at any place, for any reason.

1.9 Only by my express consent can the negative manipulation of the weather or to the poisoning of the Earth occur because I know that these acts are harmful and unhealthy.

1.10 Only by my express consent can any type of frequency waves be used to target my physical, etheric, or astral bodies, my DNA, my cells, or my mind, my emotions, or my soul in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of secret or covert, Earth based or off-world technology that projects, pulses, beams, or waves, any frequency which is detrimental to the human body, mind, emotions, or soul or that causes blockages and/or interference with the communication between my Being, my higher aspects, and other physical and non-physical energies, dimensions, and realities.

1.11 Only by my express consent can my Personal Soul Energy be considered as Collateral for the purpose of buying and selling, or owning. This buying, selling, and owning, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL

1.12 Only treaties that affect my life, or my body, mind, and soul in a positive way for my highest good be made with any human being, or group of humans living on the EARTH, (or non-humans from off the Earth).


2.1 I ask Mother Earth for her assistance in my healing and transmutation of any prior agreements referred to under Art. 1.3 and all of the energies associated with them.

2.2 I now heal, transmute, and integrate all thought forms, entities, or adverse energies that were associated with previous agreements. My physical body is now cleared of any adverse thought forms and energies that I created knowingly or unknowingly, causing self-sabotage and harmful emotions. I am a healed Whole Being operating as a Sovereign force, and I am here to change this world.

2.3 I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and purpose in this lifetime. I ask that my higher self assist me in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred feminine and sacred masculine love, wisdom, and power.

2.4 I ask that my higher self direct my healing so that I embody and offer the optimal vibration in all circumstances; that I manifest optimal health and wholeness in and throughout all of my bodies; that I fluidly evolve according to my path and purpose; that I awaken to and regain all the memories and gifts held in my causal body; that I function with energy, clarity, balance, effectiveness, and efficiency in the changing energetics of Earth; that I integrate the healing, its lessons, and its energy in the most beneficial way possible; and that all this unfolds at the most conducive yet expeditious pace possible.

2.5 I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal other aspects of myself across time and space, as well as splintered aspects of consciousness trapped in time, who will attain the freedom to return to where they belong, to heal, and to contribute to the unity we seek in order to take our next evolutionary steps.

2.6 I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness wherever it is needed or wanted, to free all aspects of consciousness, including my own, allowing all to return to natural order in wholeness and unity.

2.7 I will share my energy only with energies that are in resonance with my highest vibrational state.


3.1 In making this declaration, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my Being, my thoughts, and my actions.

3.2 I continue to fervently request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and other beings of love and light who wish to help humanity evolve. I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways so that I can understand and act on it.

3.3 I ask my guides to continue illuminating my highest path and to acquaint me with the tools necessary to do my job on this planet. I ask that you continue to bring people into my life who can assist me in helping humanity.

3.4 In full Sovereignty, I also request and accept additional energetic assistance of my guides, the elemental and cosmic realms, interstellar beings of love and light, and any other light sources, provided that such assistance is in my highest good, the highest good of Earth, and in accordance with my purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

3.5 I RESERVE the right to amend this Declaration at ANY TIME if it is found that something written here is either lacking in clarity, or has been mis-stated, and needs to be corrected OR deleted.


This declaration carries the energy signature of my Being as my binding stamp.

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