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Message from Venus - Change

Messages from Venus #5


How have you been feeling the last few days, as Venus accelerated her movement from Evening Star to Morning Star? Perhaps you may have been feeling a little out of sync with reality. Perhaps you have discovered an urge to break free from expectations that have defined or limited you, or caused you disappointment. Perhaps you have felt the deep longing to belong. You may have even experienced more volatile emotiona in adjusting to the new energies.

Venus has now completed her climb to position of Morning Star, the place where we gain the urge to take action, to make changes, to shine love and light into every place we see darkness or injustice. She now moves into the influence of Leo, leading us towards our hearts’ desire to live in Unity. Perhaps you have noticed the synchronicity in shared experiences: when one of us has an extreme challenge, others experience challenges in their own lives at the same time. When one of us enters into an alternate reality of magic and awe, others are having altered explorations as well! The reality of shared experiences is increasing. We are all connected, and when we focus on our unity, we find that we suffer with anyone who suffers, and we feel joy with anyone who experiences joy.

Venus in Leo shows us just how profound is our connection to the Stars, to Earth, and to each other, as She guides our understanding of how energy moves and how we can positively participate with that movement. By understanding our response to Venus’s movement, we can learn to participate in creating our own reality. Everything we experience is energy, although it may be displayed in various forms or positions. Sarah Bernhard, who was born into the influence of Venus as Morning Star in Leo, said,

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”

There is a dynamic connection between Earth, Venus, and the Sun that continually produces a relationship of movement unique to our evolution here on Earth. When we learn to recognize and distinguish the characteristics of each phase of Venus’s movement, we open doorways of understanding and possibility. We can become one with the energy of Love.

Not only does Venus move between Evening Star and Morning Star and into the varying positions of astrological influence such as Leo, She also moves through thirteen phases (the number of the Divine Feminine, the number of Mystery, the Universal number of Completion). Like all changeable feminine energy, some of Venus’s phases are very short, and some are very long, each one giving us exactly the energy we need as we, too, cycle through our own phases of evolution.

As Venus becomes the Morning Star in Leo, she promises to move through the first seven phases of Her cycle. The names of these phases give you an indication of the energy they carry. Astronomy gives us the timing of the phases of Venus. Adam Gainsburg* has named them.

Inception- August 15- 16

Gestation- August 17-21

Birth- August 22-23

Emergence- August 24- September 4

Fullness- September 5- October 26

Surrendering & Discovery- October 27- April 17, 2016

Immersion- April 18- June 5, 2016

By June of 2016, Venus will complete seven phases of Her cycle in her presentation as Morning Star. She will then move into position of Evening Star in Gemini to complete the remaining six phases of Her full cycle. Here are the dates Astronomy lists of these phases of Venus:

Transmutation- June 6- July 23

Rebirth- July 24- July 30

Remembering & Embodiment- July 31- January 12, 2017

Wholeness- January 13- March 3

Completion- March 4- March 17

Transition- March 18- March 24, 2017

What I find significant about understanding Venus’s cycle of progression is the possibility that we ourselves can wed our energy to the larger presentation of the energy of Love and create more flow in our lives. I want to better understand how we can move away from the nightmare of separation and into the long dreamed-of state of love, unity, and universal community. Each of us carries a specific seed of knowledge and a specific purpose from the phase of Venus into which we were born.**

Venus begins her Inception Phase as Morning Star in Leo on August 15, guiding us to discover a broader and more connective position of perception. We may feel that we are ready to work together with potentials to begin a new dream.

From August 17-21 Venus will move into the Gestation Phase. We can connect to that energy by organizing our intentions and doing self-work.

August 22 and 23 will reflect Venus in her Birth Phase, where things begin to materialize. We can connect by giving birth to new intentions of love and unity.

As Venus travels through all thirteen phases, leading us in an evolutionary spiral from Inception to Transition, I will share the relevance of the presenting energies with you.*** Through deepening your own awareness, you can explore what each energy feels like as you connect to Venus in your own way.

Laarkmaa has told us that we are on an evolutionary spiral that will bring in big changes by 2017. Venus completes all thirteen phases of this new cycle at the end of March in 2017. Could this be connected? Following the natural flow of the phases of Venus can have a profound effect on our personal experience here on Earth, teaching us how to move through and transcend our limited beliefs and to make the changes that are required for our own evolution.

* I wish to acknowledge Adam Gainsburg for his naming the phases of Venus and connecting each phase with a specific aspect of the Divine Feminine, as She encourages us to grow and evolve. I have taken the names of each phase of Venus’s movement from his book, The Light of Venus.

** If you have a wish to understand more about how you are personally affected by the phases of Venus, you may request a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart (link).

*** Interestingly, Adam Gainsburg recognizes and has named the progression of Venus’s phases, matching my recognition and naming the progression of Universal energies as they come to Earth. The Pleiadians showed the progression of Universal energies to the Maya, and I have renamed them in English so that we may better understand each energy. There is, perhaps, a clue in our own evolutionary process in understanding the progressions of both Universal energies here on Earth and of the cycles of Venus, who guides us through Duality.

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