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Spring Message from Laarkmaa--Intuition

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Here on Earth we are very concerned with expressing our own ideas. Our thoughts are expressed with our words--written and spoken. Yet other worlds do not communicate as we do. Our star friends communicate through what we might call telepathy, or instant knowing. Laarkmaa calls this using our First Sense, the intuitive sense that is not driven by thought or word yet carries the power for deepest communication. They share with us here the importance of communicating, heart to heart.

- Pia and Cullen


We Pleiadians and other interdimensional beings do not communicate through spoken or written language. We communicate through wisdom of the heart, through intentions, and through connection. Because we are able to be many places instantly, we are also able to receive and transmit what needs to be shared instantly. Our communication is reflected as being part of unity. When humans come into a physical body as infants, you carry this ability with you. It is the intuitive ability that exists throughout the universe called the First Sense. As infants, you know only this form of communication. As you grow into being human, your parents, teachers, and cultures teach you that this communication is not the preferred way of sharing and that you must learn to think and to speak. Slowly the importance of the First Sense is replaced with new skills and ways of communicating in the third dimensional world.

Although the First Sense can remain very prevalent in those who pay attention to its presence, most of you diminish its importance, preferring instead to focus on expressing yourselves through sharing your thoughts with spoken or written words, in a linear fashion, rather than in a spiraling pattern of communicating like we do. We use what we call the libraries of Pia and Cullen’s brains to access words with which to speak to you, but we would very much like to help you remember the greater forms of communication that we use.

The First Sense is a universal sense, not merely a human sense. It is a way to know truth, and it connects you to your divinity. When you arrive in the earthly plane, you are guided by your First Sense and begin to develop the other biological senses, one at a time. Yet the First Sense remains the dominating sense throughout early childhood until your cultures teach you to think and use words. You are taught that what you intuitively feel has less value than what your logic, thinking, and experience tells you. Slowly, as language develops, you begin to forget the First Sense as a form of knowing and communication. The language you use to communicate is derived from thought forms and is shared through spoken and written words. Yet the wisdom of the body also carries a language, a non-thinking, non-verbal language based upon the perceptions it receives through the awareness and guidance of the First Sense. We have noticed that you often ignore this language in favor of the language of the mind.

Humanity has named your great power of intuitive knowing “extra-sensory perception” or “the sixth sense,” as though it is something extra that you may or may not possess. All of you possess the ability to access truth through intuitive knowing, and defining it as an “extra” or a “sixth” sense relegates it to a position of lesser importance than your five biological senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, and smelling. Your biological senses are focused upon your Earthly perceptions. Your First Sense is focused on universal perceptions. It is a larger form of knowing, because it is based upon connection to unity and truth.

Your First Sense is always based upon the energies of the present moment and the energies that are flowing towards you; it is never based upon experience of the past, like knowledge based upon thinking is. Therefore, knowledge attained through use of the First Sense is alive and valuable right now, where knowledge based upon the past is out of synchronistic flow and cannot be relevant to the present moment. When you find a connection between knowledge based upon past experience or thoughts here in the present moment, you will discover that you are locked into a pattern. You create these patterns and they become your reality. When you focus instead upon wisdom brought through your First Sense, you begin to create your reality moment by moment by dealing with each energy as it arrives.

Because the First Sense provides the power to know truth, many of you who have maintained this connection to your intuition may have experienced punishment for using this ability, causing you fear about using your natural gift. Fear is the great separator, and to threaten someone who uses her or his First Sense is to seek to control the flow of incoming wisdom. Perhaps you can see your natural inclination to use your greatest communication skill and your greatest connection to truth has been diminished through external control.

Since your First Sense comes from heart awareness and actually governs your other biological senses, you operate and interact more fully in your third dimensional world when you increase listening to your First Sense and allow it to guide your biological senses. You are able to watch, listen, and perceive your environment more closely. Through the use of your First Sense, you may even learn to perceive some of the musical tones that we use to communicate with you here in the Earthly plane. Only use of the First Sense allows this. And there is more! Honoring and using your First Sense allows diminishment of rigidly held patterns of belief and actions that have kept you, a great being, locked inside of the small third-dimensional reality of illusion. You become more open and expansive when you allow your First Sense to guide you, and it becomes easier for you to discern all manner of communication between yourselves, with us and with other kingdoms. Greater communication abilities include the use of tones, sounds, colors, and electrical responses. Awareness of your energetic environment develops your ability to become familiar with and understand surrounding energies, rather than to merely think about what is happening around and within you.

We are offering you an opportunity to bring humanity into alignment and communication with greater cosmic beings and to become citizens of a greater universe. To be an active and aware citizen of the universe, you must learn to communicate energetically, as we do, always considering the concepts of “Inlakesh” (“I am another yourself”) and “Ahimsa” (“Do no harm”). In our April 2015 event we will share both energy and perspectives to open your abilities to communicate as we do, always recognizing that you are connected in unity (Inlakesh) and that what and how you communicate affects not only you, but also all others (Ahimsa).

Fear and separation cannot prevail in your human world much longer. We are here to help you awaken and remember the gifts of communicating through your First Sense, thereby helping you to achieve the abilities to live more harmoniously as you make choices based upon concepts of unity, which include love, joy, trust, and compassion. You must awaken and remember that your First Sense, your intuition, is the sense you brought into this plane and the sense you will take with you when you leave. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin to re-evaluate the ways in which you are currently communicating and become curious about deeper forms of communication. Written articles and spoken thoughts can indeed open your awareness. Yet it is actual practice with others of communicating through your First Sense that is going to empower you to make the evolutionary changes you came here to make. You are here to save a world and to ascend with that evolving world. Communicating your experiences as we communicate will enhance your abilities to make a difference. Your communication must begin to come from awareness that you are one. To achieve your purpose, you must choose to develop your abilities to communicate heart to heart, as we do.

Many of you have chosen to spend the winter in stillness, hopefully learning more about how to listen. The skill of deep listening will bring forth a greater awakening of your First Sense. We promised that we would share with you keys to awaken and reclaim your higher abilities to communicate in the spring. We now offer a gathering for like-hearted people to come and participate in communicating at this higher level, and after spending time together with us; we will send you home with Pleiadian stardust to help you share the power of the First Sense with others. What you will learn is an important part of achieving a Rainbow Body. Come, learn, share, and awaken, so you may share with others the magic and power of the First Sense. You have been waiting to communicate with each other like this for thousands of years as you once did. The heart-to-heart communication we wish to share with you will help you create communities of Light, places where through the energy of unity you can feel safe, connected, and joyful in expressing your natural divine selves. Sharing positive intent with like-hearted people may assist in the birth of the new reality.

As time and duality collapse, your understandings will change. As you change your belief systems and your abilities to communicate will also change and expand. Heart to heart communication opens you to conversations and dialogues with interdimensional beings like us, as well as angels, devas, and beings of other kingdoms, in ways that you were able to long ago. It also helps you to enhance communication among yourselves, healing relationship issues and empowering you to co-create together. Remember, you are standing at the brink of the New World. Come. It is time that you learn to communicate with us and with each other, heart to heart. We love you. Good Always.


For more information about heart communication, join us at our Spring gathering.

Information about the First Sense is available in Laarkmaa's books.

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