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Topics Include:  Changing the Outer world through Inner Changes; Trusting in the Impossible! Compromised Immune Systems Cause Death- Not Viruses; The Synthetic Spike Protein Transmission; Your Natural Power to Heal All Imbalances; Are Timelines Converging? Steps To Open Your Third Eye; The Most Important Principles to Live By; The Pleiadians’ Evolution; Shapeshifting–Being Fluid & Flexible; Embrace These Times Rather Than Resisting; How to Clear Radiation and Toxicity; Steps to Increase Your Intuition; The Real Way to Heal; Abilities Not Yet Discovered: Telepathy & Teleportation; You ALWAYS Have a Choice; Living Through Ahimsa; Karma: Are You Finished? 5G and the Water in Your Body; How to make the Evolutionary Leap in Consciousness; New Earth; New Humans;

2021 July - December Live Calls

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