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Topics Include: Arcturian Transmission of Light to Earth; Seeing the World as You Are; Guidelines for Raising Your Frequency; Removing Yourself from Toxic Situations;The energy of number Six; Thoughts Manifest into Form; Unity, Cooperation, and Connection; The Voice Speaks; Elmore Speaks; All Experiences are for Evolution; Mary Magdalene Speaks; 3 Splits in Duality- Male & Female, Mind & Heart, Technology & Nature; 7th Dimensional Telepathic Communication; Star Fairy Speaks; Earth Fairy Speaks; Explanation of 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions; Qualities of the Divine Masculine and misused the Divine Feminine; Choose Earth Over Technology; Unplug!  What really happened on Earth!   The loss of the Peaceful Kingdom

2021 January - June Live Calls

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