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Just before our Lunar Eclipse on Saturday or Sunday (depending on where you are in the world), today on October 27 we find ourselves starting the thirteen-day period of Breathing Earth Energy, a very changeable, unstable, and restless time. The pull of duality is encouraging us to pay attention to the changes all around us and participate with them through conscious choices and responding in the highest vibration.

The Maya called this energy “The Breath of Life” and viewed it as one of the most spiritual periods, but also potentially one of the most dangerous. Like the in-breath and the out-breath, there is a both a positive and a negative polarity present in this energetic period, and we must work to keep them in proper balance.

Air can be nurturing as we breathe it in, or one of the most destructive forces on Earth when it culminates in a hurricane or tornado. Like a strong wind, Breathing Energy is unstable and may cause barriers or obstacles to be destroyed or dismantled, like the energy of the Indian goddess Kali, who destroys what has been in order to make room for something new. It is appropriate that some things be “blown away” like cobwebs of old beliefs in our minds or controlling structures that reduce our freedom. We need desperately to allow new ideas and new ways of being in the world to arrive in the winds of change.

In the lower vibrations of Breathing Energy, people can be unpredictable or fickle. Appropriate use of this energy helps us to harmonize multiple viewpoints without judgment, making responsible changes as necessary. During this potentially unstable period, stay balanced by continually returning to your heart.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


My November 10-12 Workshop will delve into the gifts and challenges of specific karmic patterns and how to use them. The workshop will also show you how to know when you are individually experiencing a Shadow Cycle of challenges for growth and talk about the themes of all the Shadow Cycles that affect everyone in the collective field. The planet Venus (planet of Love) is the most influential planet involved in the Pleiadian-Earth System, and the workshop will show you how the Phases of Venus affect your personality, your relationships, and your path of evolution. You do not have to have completed Level 1 to attend the November workshop, although it may be helpful to you. Just bring your energy and your birthdate and join us!

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