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Red Rose in a heart with wings

Albuquerque event recorded November 2015

Approximately 3 hours of Laarkmaa discussion on the topic of dimensional shifts and becoming multidimensional beings, with answers to specific questions on: The integration point of time; Parallel/past lives and how to integrate them; Increasing your vibration to achieve rainbow body; The vibration of New Mexico; Changes in the sun and weather; Why many are feeling bogged down and purposeless; Importance of telepathy; Family and relationships; Keeping stores of food and water; Healing in the new order; The Pleiadian mission in Atlantis and Lemuria; How to deal with the dark forces; Our relationship with the crystal kingdom; Healing with colors; Living in your heart; Communicating with animals; Food for pets; Great changes in store; Healing with sounds; The internet and conscious choices; The cosmic pop and the great split; Dragons in service to humanity, and much more!


Summary Recordings of all Live Calls in 2015

Includes more than 12 hours of topics

January – Clearing the Shadows

February – A Resonance of Hearts

March – True Community Means Integrating Differences

April – A Planet in Peril

May – How Earth Reflects Energy and Discord

June – Time Begins to Collapse

July – A Parallel Reality

August – Being Objective About Experiences Helps Co-  creation

September – Ending Separation and Moving Toward Unity

October – Changing Structure of the World

November – Accelerated Pathway of Becoming the New      Humans

December - Recognize Your Own Power and Divinity  


Recorded March 22, 2015

Topics:  Transparency, indicators of integration, community and discernment, fragmented essence?, why aren't things changing?, will I see the changes when they occur?, potentials of honoring the water, trusting how things unfold.


Recorded February 22, 2015

Topics: Energies currently affecting the Earth, you are not alone, network of light, upcoming momentous changes, Earth's ascension, stardust for listeners that supports you energetically, the necessity of gratitude in all situations.


Recorded January 25, 2015

Topics:  The illusion of time, the reset point for change, resetting the illusion of time, how to step out of the limits of time, planetary influences promoting change, Spring potentials, spin of Earth is speeding up, vitamin "B" is "to be"


Recorded November 16, 2014

Topics:  Entering the depths; Interdimensional awareness; Magical beings and new colors; how to regenerate; what autism teaches us; guidance for moving into Rainbow Body.


Recorded October 19, 2014

Topics:  Bringing Spirit into Matter; Fear as Dis-ease; Filling the Space Left; Choosing Joy and Trust; Personal & Collective Responsibility


Recorded September 21, 2014

Topics:  Bliss; Telepathy keeps you safe; Perception is key to understanding; How to change our perception; Transcending attachment; True meaning of Always; Cosmic timing








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