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Laarkmaa has been telling us for years that we would move into a time when we could live on Love, Light, and Water. That time is now here. The Sun is pouring more light into our cells, and our bodies require a different, more enlivened kind of nourishment to match our changing electro-magnetic energy. We are electromagnetic beings, which means that we are made of both light and water. We are moving away from the carbon-based forms that have previously sustained us into more crystalline bodies filled with light. These new bodies need a different and more light-filled diet.


Both Ascension symptoms and symptoms of imbalanced health can be improved or eliminated by aligning your diet with the new energies of our ascending planet and the light that is pouring in from our Sun. Give your body the energy and protection you need for transition into your new light-filled form! Learn how to live on Love, Light, and Water!


With the Agenda’s push to make our food scarce, poison our food, or replace our food with toxic material, it is more important than ever to make choices that nourish and protect our bodies. The Agenda has filled society and our medical institutions with lies to make us believe that we needed harmful things to nourish ourselves.


  • Learn how to remove toxic residue from the food you eat.

  • Learn how fruits and vegetables can provide everything your body needs.

  • Learn how changing to your diet to a higher vibratory form can release blocked emotions that have been stored in your cells.

  • Learn how to harmonize your diet with the seasons.

  • Make a plan to alter your diet at a speed that works for your individual body.

Ascension Diet Consultation

  • Spend an hour with Pia refining your diet for improving your health and transitioning into Rainbow body form as you continue on the path to Ascension.


    To book a session, click on the "Add to Cart" button above,  After payment is complete please contact me here with the following information:

    • Your name    

    • Your phone number including country code

    • Your preferred availability (date and time)

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