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We offer you this Guest Blog today, from our spiritual brother Andy Haralambous, in Cyprus. In the form of a beautiful poem, Andy brings truth and clear perspective, with inspiration for us all!

The Warriors of Light

I can no longer live life

And be labeled as norm

For I have stepped out of line

And will no longer conform.

The times we are living Have long been predicted For truth has been hidden, Controlled, and restricted.

As the veil thins, I view with more clarity. No longer will I compete In this world of duality.

Now that I have ignited The dark becomes clear. So I will no longer surrender To the power of fear.

I am not here to lie, To cheat, or pretend. I am here to awaken, Shed light, and ascend.

I am a master alchemist, And I can co-create. So I am abolishing karma And will create my own fate.

As I raise my vibration I am filled with power and might For I am participating in our ascension From Darkness to Light.

Everything is changing, But do not feel forsaken. For there are many with Great powers Who have begun to awaken.

The time has arrived And the dawn is in sight So let's all step forward As Warriors of the light.

Let's finish what we came here to do.


Andy from Cyprus

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Thanks, Andy, for the encouraging inspiration! We always appreciate your words in the live conversations!


So beautiful! THANK YOU! 🙏💗

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