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REVIEWING & REWRITING OUR CONTRACTS Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith

The idea of acting under cosmic contracts for our missions here on Earth needs to be re-evaluated during this potent time of transformation. THIS is the Ah-Ha moment for us to realize that we are creating or we need to create new contracts for ourselves because the old contracts we have been honoring are not valid in the current energies. Although there is no measured time in the universe outside of our third dimensional concept of a separated interval of sequential experiences, in the greater reality, time simply does not exist. Our old contracts were devised and agreed upon in another dimension with a very different perspective and understanding of what would eventually transpire here on this plane of existence on Earth at this perceived moment.

An essential part of the plan is that humans on Earth have choice, and our current 3-D experience has been moderated and altered through our personal choices, as well as by outside influences that have changed the original plan our contracts were devised and designed for as measures for us to fulfill the missions to which we agreed. This is a time that could not have been forecast or predicted because of alterations to our current reality by forces both known and unknown to us that change the circumstances that are germane to current unfolding events.

Reviewing old contracts is absolutely necessary now. We are here to bring in the new because the old is already finished; we continue to see it finishing all around us. While we may not be doing what we thought we came here to do, that does not mean we have failed. What we are doing now is vastly more important because we are doing it in the new energies. We’re moving toward great things and we are rewriting our contracts to create something better, which actually fit our changing missions.

In fact, even the belief that we are operating under contracts may need to be reconsidered. What if there are no contracts? What if that is simply an idea to justify events in our lives that cannot otherwise be explained? As already mentioned, our current 3-D experience has been changed and altered through outside influences as well as personal choices. These moderations, both intentional and unintentional, have certainly changed the original plan for which any potential or real contracts may have been designed when we agreed to be here. We must remember as stated above that in the greater reality, time simply does not exist. To flow and evolve in the new energies, we need to release the concepts of time and the accompanying belief in contracts; both are simply not relevant any longer. Instead, we need to focus on the goals we wish to achieve, moment-by-moment, as we make conscious choices. This way of living is much more powerful than holding on to beliefs that we are fulfilling contracts that no longer apply and may, in reality, never even have existed at all.

Guidelines for what we wish to accomplish in these new energies include being responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions, taking care of ourselves, listening to our hearts, recognizing that we are not here to change others, and allowing ourselves to be creative in every moment by using our thought energy wisely. We create new contracts moment by moment through every choice we make. Rewriting our contracts in each present moment adds a dimension of love and light to give us a structure to work from to form a more unified world.

The concept of contracts as something socially or morally binding that cannot be changed is a third dimensional concept that keeps us stuck in beliefs that we are reticent to change. As we grow and evolve, our understanding of what is truly morally appropriate changes, and our contracts should change with our newly awakened realizations. There is a higher law, a higher truth that is based on a larger reality. The cosmic truth is that change is the very thing that is required for our evolution. True evolution equals exploration of new ideas, viewpoints, and possibilities. We are not stuck unless we choose to be by holding on to our outdated beliefs and contracts that have outlived their evolutionary usefulness. We are actually co-creators who can (and should) change our contracts on a regular (even daily) basis as we open to perceiving the larger reality and remembering who we truly are. We can, at any moment, free ourselves from contracts that no longer fit who we have become, for we are not the same people we were when the old contracts were designed or when we began to use the concept of contracts to keep us motivated to accomplish a particular perceived purpose in the third-dimension.

The old contracts were in place as a lesson plan to keep us focused on what we needed to learn in this Earthly experience. Perhaps we needed to learn to value service in order to understand that we are all equal and we all have something of value to share. Perhaps we needed to learn compassion to free ourselves from judgment or guilt. Perhaps we simply needed to learn unconditional love. Whatever the original contract may have spelled out in this life for us, once we have learned that lesson, we are free of that contract. It is the lesson that is important, not a contract to learn the lesson. Not only can we move beyond any perceived beliefs about old contracts, we should move beyond them to create something new (new systems), to choose other guiding lights on our evolutionary path.

Contracts are also based on the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our suffering. But stories are all created by our ego’s interpretation of our experiences to keep us focused on our third dimensional involvement in life. Stories define who we think we are and how we perceive others and the world. But stories are just that–stories. They begin with “once upon a time” and the end with “happily ever after.” There is a clue in the very format of a story, telling us that what we believe to be true is in fact based upon our third dimensional experiences in time and ending when we step out of time (ever after). Letting go of all the stories and becoming objective, allowing ourselves to witness our own journeys, is empowering because we are no longer emotionally attached. Our new job or mission is to create something that fits our current reality as we expand more fully into who we truly are by fully experiencing our present moments as they unfold, each moment after each new moment.

We are in a new phase of transition in 2023. Charles Eisenstein says, “There are two basic kinds of work we may do to serve it, and each of the two has an inner and an outer expression. The first is to dismantle the structures, habits, beliefs, and powers of the old story. The second is to grow the structures of the new story.”1

Both Charles and our Pleiadian friends, Laarkmaa2, have referred to the stories of separation that we tell ourselves. It is time to let go of all attachments to anything that keeps us focused on the energy of separation or the notion of history, which keeps us in the past!

When we begin our journey toward multidimensionality, we must let go of all the stories and that begin with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after.” When we let go of the time frame, we step into the freedom of possibilities. We no longer cling to what we believe defined us because we recognized that we are larger than our pain, our suffering, and the separation that has defined us as individuals. Continuing the same old, tired rationalizations about why we are suffering keeps us in a dense, negative field of energy where we do, indeed, feel tired and stuck. When we stop using our mantras of rationalization about what is happening “to” us and realize that our thoughts are constantly emanating either a positive or negative field of creation, we can make changes to flow more smoothly on our evolutionary journey. We move toward Unity with recognition that we are all part of the same sea (In Lak’ech) and that true service (Seva) is achieved when we no longer harm ourselves, anyone else, or anything else through our actions, our words, or our thoughts.

Everything is energy. That is a basic cosmic truth. Stories compartmentalize energy into individual and separating beliefs that basically live in our heads. They may be based upon our experiences here in the third dimension, but those beliefs about our experiences are only perceptions that we allow to define who we are or who others are. When we choose to release those fixed beliefs, we are free to explore greater possibilities. We need to design new contracts that match our continued movement (change) and growth while we are here on Earth.

It is the stories and beliefs that keep us stuck, holding on to old contracts that are no longer valid. Let them go. Express your freedom. Stop judging yourself, others, and the world through the stories of separation that you believe define who you are. You are great, compassionate beings who came here to bring love and light into the darkness of a very painful evolutionary process! As the truth of this reality moves from an understanding in your head to a feeling that lives in your heart, guiding you in every way, new contracts are created moment-by-moment. These contracts are based on a greater realization of the universal order into which we are ascending to become cosmic citizens, a reality based on true service (Seva), doing no harm (Ahimsa), Unity (In Lak’ech), and Unconditional Love. Achieving this will certainly set us free!

Everything in life is in a constant motion of change. Why shouldn’t our ideas about contracts mirror that sense of continual change as we leave the old patterns and cycles of life behind and create new opportunities and possibilities in our never-ending process of unfolding as we move into new territories and new experiences of evolution? As stated at the beginning of this article, the cosmic truth is that change is the essence of what is necessary for our evolution. Change is inevitable. Our contracts should change, too.

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen


1- Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, (2013) Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books.

2- Laarkmaa- The Pleiadian group here to help humanity evolve. Pia and Cullen have been working with and sharing Laarkmaa’s wisdom for almost two decades.

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Diane Devenyi
Diane Devenyi
20 mrt. 2023

Wow, wow, wow! I have believed that my contract is to “revamp education on the planet” since 1999 and my failure to accomplish this has been inspiring me and weighing heavily on me for all of this “time”. The introduction of AI in new ways 3 months ago has been shattering my perception of what I am here to do. Up until now, I have been attempting to disguise a program in embracing oneness and change as a literacy program because I could see that literacy is what educators have been seeking. This article confirms that it’s time for me to come out of a notion of contract completely and simply be the change I wish to see in the…

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