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Today, 24 May, at sunset we are carried into the thirteen-day period of Breathing Earth Energy. Finally, we are going to be able to feel ourselves breathe again, after a very long, restricted period of “holding our breath” to see what happens next. But we should not let our guard down as we pay attention to what is being arranged in the world by those who control the rules. We need to keep breathing and paying attention in every moment, using our breath to move us through what could prove to be a very changeable and restless time.

Breathing Earth energy brings new viewpoints that can “change like the wind”, so we must be sure that we run every thought through our hearts before making any decisions based upon some new information we may have just heard. Does it feel right? Does it feel true? How else can we see it?

The Maya called this energy “The Breath of Life” and viewed it as one of the most spiritual periods, but also potentially one of the most dangerous, which is why we have to pay attention. We are not in charge of all the things that happen around us in the external world. What we are in charge of is how we respond to what happens and how we move forward. Our breath is just one example of the dual nature of our experience on Earth.

This is the energetic period most aligned with Air, which can be nurturing as we breathe through changes, or one of the most destructive forces on Earth when it culminates in a wind storm. Breathing Earth Energy is unstable and may cause barriers or obstacles to be destroyed or dismantled. We need to take charge of what we agree to and what we stand up against.

Inappropriate use of Breathing Energy can make people unpredictable or fickle. Appropriate use of this energy helps us to harmonize multiple viewpoints. Remembering that all of us need air to breathe, and we must use both polarities of breathing to support life. So exhale anything that is not working in your life, and inhale new possibilities!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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