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If you listened to Laarkmaa's Special Message on February 13, (or any of their previous talks about The Great Split), you may wish to explore Saratoga Ocean's videos here, here, and here that also explain exactly what Laarkmaa was talking about. We are NOT moving into 5D; we are moving into Multidimensionality, and the controllers would like to confuse and divert us as they seek to lead us more deeply into a word of illusion. Take a look at more mainstreatm information about the Metaverse here and here.

Please consider that all of this is based upon a digital world, having nothing to do with Nature. Arthur Firstenberg clearly explains how we are killing ourselves as we unconsciously participate with a digital world in his most recent newsletter. We need to make conscious changes in the way we live our lives if we want our children to survive. The world needs us to awaken and begin a new way of participating with Nature rather than hiding in a technological world. We urge you to choose your life and lifestyle consciously. Put down your smart phones and other 5G related devices!

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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