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Messages from Venus #7 - Experience the Fullness of Being on Earth

Messages from Venus #7

September 5, 2015

Today we enter into the phase of Venus called Fullness, Morning Brilliance, or Morning Maximum Elongation, in the Astrological sign of Leo (from September 5 - October 26). In this phase, Venus achieves maximum brightness and height in the morning sky, as she continues to move farther from Earth to shine Her light into our dualistic world. This phase brings support for embodying and stabilizing the divine feminine energies that are awakening within us. We may feel a heightened desire to reach out socially to share “en-lightened” dreams, ideas, and perspectives with others.

Adam Gainsburg says of this phase that we are instructed to

experience life with as many of our circuits switched on and cross communicating as possible. Sensations, feelings, memories, emotions, and events- all the input from our lives- are allowed to be felt thoroughly and cleanly before they can exit.” (This is what Laarkmaa calls shadow work.)

This phase of Venus guides us to align with the Universal energy of Collective Shadow Work from September 18- October 7 (previously referred to as “Core Days”). Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology recognizes Collective Shadow Work as an opportunity (work in which all of us need to participate) to change existing paradigms in a large way, as we strip away everything that is not essential and return to our hearts to discover the core of Who We Are. We must first feel it in its fullness, in order to surrender it to the higher perspectives. Choosing to approach life with an open and receptive heart can be painful at first, yet it teaches us, as Adam Gainsburg says,

to remain open, active, and awake to what is really there in both ourselves and others. If we continue down such a path

long enough, our individual openness no longer requires constant attention but becomes the very same open receptivity of the universe.

Such openness occurs as we surrender to the calling of the Divine Feminine that exists within each of us.*

Other planetary influences will be strongly felt during this time, encouraging us to more deeply explore Who We truly Are. Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde from September 17- October 9, asking us to explore more deeply how we communicate, and encouraging us to learn to communicate clearly and honestly from our hearts. Are we being kind with our choices of words and tones? Are we listening from our hearts before we speak? Are our words chosen from love, rather than judgment or fear?

We have two powerful eclipses during this time as well, marking endings of old things that are no longer needed and the beginning of what is possible. As Stephanie Austin points out, “the word eclipse stems from the Greek verb that means to cease to exist.” What structures, belief systems, relationships, emotional patterns, and ways of being are going to cease to exist during these portals of change? Try to look through new eyes and an open heart during the solar eclipse of September 12-13 and the lunar eclipse of September 27, which is the fourth total lunar eclipse in a row.

This particular lunar eclipse will enhance the possibilities for an extraordinary increase in intuition or psychic vision. Because Mercury is in retrograde, normal methods of communication may not work as usual, while possibilities for more deeply connective and intuitive communication are increased. The gravitational effects of this eclipse will likely pull the emotional tectonic plates within us, as well as shaking the tectonic plates of the planet, and intuitive listening will be very, very important for each of us. Even our financial structures may succumb to the gravitational pull in order to align us with the spirit of universal cooperation and move us away from the old paradigm of competition and greed. Possibilities for change are accelerated now. We are encouraged to view everything from the heart’s perspective, seeing how everything and everyone are related.

As the Divine Feminine energies flow into us during this powerful time, let us open our hearts to all of life and step fully into living in the spirit of “In’Lakesh.” Each of us is simply energy manifested into a particular form. It is time to truly honor all life, learning to look into the eyes of each living being on Earth and affirm, “I am another yourself!” As Laarkmaa has so often told us, this is the key to our understanding Who We Are and hastening the process of our conscious evolution.

With love and light,


September 5- First day of Venus’s Fullness Cycle

September 12 – New Moon in Virgo

September 12-13- Solar Eclipse

September 17- Mercury Retrograde begins

September 18- Collective Shadow Work period begins

September 27- Full Super Moon in Aires

September 27- Lunar Eclipse

October 8- Collective Shadow Work period finished

October 10- Mercury goes direct again

October 26- last day of Venus’s Fullness Cycle

*If you wish to explore the fullness of who you are on your own evolutionary journey, please request a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart. I am happy to explore your energy with you and to address any questions related to your personal energy and your evolutionary path.

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