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Messages from Venus #6: Emerging from the Shadows

Messages from Venus #6


As promised, the energies of August are different….more supportive, more connective, and more uplifting. We are entering the phase of Venus called Emergence in the astrological sign of Leo, and it gives us the opportunity to emerge from the dense, dull, shadowy realms of pain and suffering that were so much of our experience in July. Venus’s phase of Emergence begins today, August 24 and goes through September 4th. The astrological time of Leo is a time associated with the light of the sun. This light can fill our hearts, our minds, and our lives in a way that compels us to move away from darkness. It is a time where we can more easily connect with others and experience the power of love. Let us use this period of light energy to show us how to move towards unity so that we may truly begin to live as a world community.

If you were born during the Emergence phase of Venus, you may feel a greater desire to find your own contribution to the world between today and September 4th. Your search for personal purpose will be heightened during this time, and your longing to make a difference will be deeply felt in your heart.

Charles Darwin, who was born during a period such as this one, when Venus was in Leo, said,

The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

Perhaps now, as we emerge into more en-lightened states of consciousness, we truly begin to act as though we value all life. Perhaps we can move away from any desire to eat our fellow creatures, or to cause harm to one another in any way. Perhaps our hearts may know and begin to live in the true spirit of “Ahimsa,” (“Do No Harm”) as we continue our life walk on Earth. Enjoy the energies!

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