Pia and Cullen's Perspectives


As a new service, Pia and Cullen offer a consultation with them together for perspectives on how we are changing as humans and the Ascension process. If you have questions you would like answered from a human perspective from two people who have been on this path for their entire lives, this is your opportunity!



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How Much Does a Session with Pia & Cullen Cost?
  • The exchange for a half-hour session is $111.

  • The exchange for a 1-hour session is $222.

How Do I Schedule a Perspectives Session with Pia and Cullen?

To book your session, click one of the "Add to Cart" buttons below to make an exchange of $111, or $222. 

Then email help@laarkmaa.com to schedule your session. In your email, please include your name, location, telephone number with country code, and/or Skype name, and most convenient days and times for you.  


PLEASE NOTE: If you are in North America, you must choose a morning time due to the time difference between North America and Europe. If you are in Australia, you must choose your evening time to accommodate the time difference.




If your experience positive changes your life, please feel free to make an additional contribution. All exchanges beyond the price of the session are gratefully received to help us bring Laarkmaa's wisdom to more people in the world. Simply use the Donate Button to contribute.

30 minutes - $111

60 minutes- $222