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Live Call Recorded December 9, 2018

Topics:  Predictions for 2019; The Final Battle; The End of Monetary Control; The Computational Point of Change; Solar Minimum & Cosmic Rays; Global Warming is not the issue; Cosmic Pop; Where should I be? Human Barometers; Changing the world; 3 Techniques; The new 2019 calendar; 

Integrating:12 Strands of DNA & 12 Dimensions;  Comet Wirtanen; How to use the comet's energy; Laarkmaa's Heart Meditation

This Call is a Gift from Pia, Cullen and Laarkmaa.
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Live Call Recorded November 11, 2018

Topics: Illumination, the energy of 11, using 3-D senses differently, the gift of our sensitivities, symptoms of evolution, changes in our magnetosphere, strange clouds, unusual lights in the sky, strange sounds on Earth, space sounds, trust, unusual headaches, mental telepathy, extreme and unusual weather patterns, cellular expansion and DNA opening, experiencing parallel realities.


Live Call Recorded October 7, 2018

Topics: Laarkmaa's WARNING & Guidance; Solar Minimum & Cosmic Rays; Effects on Humans & Earth; October Geological Changes; Storms & Quakes; Venus Helps us Move through Duality; Practice Being Fluid, like a Wave; Becoming a Light Bearer; Listening to Your Heart to Move or Stay; Drop all Judgment & Eliminate all Fear; How to Release Anger; Different Ways of Communicating; Time for Ceremonies is over.


Live Call Recorded September 16, 2018

Topics: Planetary news; What is causing fires; Strange weather; Volcanoes on the horizon; Your only job; Tools for raising your vibration; How to deal with low energies; The benefit of just BEING; NDE's;  Your subconscious; The value of laughter.


Live Call Recorded August 5, 2018

Topics: Cosmic rays; Magnetosphere; Heat Waves; Lightening Fires; Mandala Effect; Liquid Time; Wisdom, not Knowledge; Compassion or Reaction; Chaos Explained, Brain and Memory; Physical Pains; Earthquake Predictions; Pole Shifts; Earth Wobble; What is Rainbow Body?


Live Call Recorded July 22, 2018

Topics: Cosmic rays; increase in heat; more earthquakes; heightened politics; adapting to increased radiation; preparations; poles shifting; help from starbeings; power of human choice; heightened intuition; liquid time; multi-dimensionality; shapeshifting; tuning to higher frequencies;
focus on possibilities; evolutionary schools; rescuing ourselves; how to meet our star family; dealing with solar minimum; aligning with Alcyone; nuclear war; is survival the highest calling?


Live Call Recorded June 24, 2018

Topics: Consciousness vs. intelligence; knowledge vs. wisdom; be aware of choice; increase in volcanic & earthquake activity; thinning of Earth's shields; changes in the magnetosphere; wobble in Earth's orbit; reduction in air travel; changes in diet; supplement help; AI (Artificial Intelligence); understanding dark vs. light; intuitive guidance; Nature beings.


Live Call Recorded May 20, 2018

Topics: Computational Point of Change; Bodily Shakes & Other Symptoms; Disassembling of the Physical; The Nervous System & Belonging; Feelings of Anticipation; Memory Lapses are "On Purpose"; Moving into Wavelike Response; Using Water to Communicate; Exit Point for Many; Making Space for the Unexpected; Living in Now Energy ; Creating a New Atmosphere; The Danger of Disappointment; Mental Work of Possibility; Changes in the Sun; Radiation Upgrades; Alcyon - Pleiadian Sun


Live Call Recorded April 15, 2018

Topics: Three types of consciousness: Mind, heart, cellular; Earthquakes affected by political tension; Love & light  make a difference in the world; Time to dissolve and finish old patterns; Accelerated physical changes; People leaving the planet; New forms of nourishment; Sending light to Cyprus and the Middle East; Embracing empathy; Clearing emotions; Abundance through sharing; Water's intelligence.


Live Call Recorded March 18, 2018

Topics: Equinox Energies; Cellular Memory; Solar Activity; Radiation Increase; 12 Strands of DNA; Release from Attachment; Spontaneous Synchronicity; Symptoms of Change; Cosmic Pops; Distancing from 3D Reality; Disconnection from Guides; Labeling Symptoms; Body as a Spiritual Tool; The Unity of Love & Light; Gratitude & Compassion; Our Choices Designed this Path; Ascension Process


Live Call Recorded February 11, 2018

Topics: Different perspectives of life's evolution; Planetary alignments pressing for changes; Aligning with the light; Approaching unity; A simple way to transmute dark; The intelligence of crystals; Detoxifying yourselves; Loving every cell in our body; Feeling states that guide our thoughts; Importance of higher vibrational thoughts; The end of karma