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Laarkmaa Dialogues

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February, 2012


Recorded on February 5, 2012  Live International Call

Topics:  3 Heart-based intentions for raising global consciousness;  Why is love not an emotion?   How couples can support each other during these times;   DNA Activation keys;  Coincidence Control and Future Memory


Recorded on February 7, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Understanding Instinct;  Being Afraid of Fear;  The Trinity of Healing;  How to Heal Addictions;  The Art of Returning to the Present Moment


Recorded on February 12, 2012  Live International Call

Topics:  Changing Our Understanding of Instinct; 
Humanity's Misunderstanding of Instinctual Response; 
Returning Instantly to the State of Love and Trust;
What's the Truth about Survival of the Fittest?


Recorded on February 14, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Seeing Vibrational Colors of the Auric Field;  Opening the Senses of Our DNA;  2/11/12- 2/21/12- A Portal of Opportunity and Light;  Sharing Experiences of New Portal Energies;  Mary Magdalene: Returning Heart of Humanity


Recorded on Februrary 19, 2012  Live International Call

Topics:   The Current Portal for Doing Light Work;  The Tipping Point for Humanity: War or Peace?

Expanding Laarkmaa's Energy Into the World;  In Nature: To be Silent or to Sing?   Accessing Parallel Lives


Recorded on February 21, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Return of Christ Consciousness & Our Responsibility;

Color Meditation to Return the Heart to Humanity;

How Can We Trust Others?   Hearing the Unusual;

DNA Strands and Development of New Senses


Recorded on February 28, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Breathing Under Water;  Remembering What We Can Do;  Opening the New Senses;  The 12 Strands of DNA & Multi-dimensional experience;  Working With the Intensity of Core Days

March, 2012


Recorded on March 6, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Changing Magnosphere;  Acclimating to higher vibrations


Recorded on March 11, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  The Gift Within Conflict


Recorded on March 13, 2012  Ashland

Topics: Laugh to Raise Our Vibration;  Communicating Through Our Water;  Accessing Multi-dimensionality Without Linearity; The Best Understanding of Energy


Recorded on March 25, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Healing and Forgiveness; 


Recorded on March 27, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  The Effects of Accelerated Change: Physical, Emotional, Financial;  Acclimating to the Changing Magnosphere;  The Science of Truth: How Things REALLY Are;  Communication & Transportation in the New Reality;  The Power of Each Person's Contract;  Moving Into A Free Energy State;  Laughter to Support Raising Your Vibration;  Challenges As Portals For Change to Higher Vibratory States;  The Illusion and Constraints of Time;  How To Move Away From What Does Not Nourish You;  The Dangers of Technology to Human Form


Recorded on March 31, 2012  Grants Pass, Oregon

Topics:  Where Is Laaarkmaa From?  What Is Happening to Our Sun?  The Rainbow Bridge;  The Path of Ascension;
Our Natural Instincts;  Colors & Sound for Healing and Growth;
Can Light Be Manipulated?  Enhancing the Quality of Food We Grow.

April, 2012


Recorded on April 1, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Boundaries in Duality;  Resolving Conflict;  Increasing Multi-Dimensional Awareness; Dreams and Light Body Travel


Recorded on April 8, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Ascension: The Process Now!

Winning the Battle of Light Over Dark; Correcting the Imbalances on Earth; Trust: the Alchemical Secret; New Children: How to Guide Them


Recorded on April 10, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Mary Magdalene: What is Blocking Love?

Laarkmaa: The Importance of Freedom; Understanding Responsibility; Loyalty to Truth Means Giving Back Responsibilities That Are Not Yours and Taking Responsibility for What Is Yours;

Pole Shifts & Human Shifts: Physical Form Changes and Earth Changes; ShiftsShapeshifting and Dimensional Awareness


Recorded on April 14, 2012  Boulder, Colorado

Topics:  The importance of choosing our community;

Water to communicate;  All We Need To Know About the Dark;  Masculine and Feminine out of balance; Evolving our Brains; Potential changes occurring on the Earth


Recorded on April 17, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  The Grand Progression: Gratitude, Joy, Love;  Monitoring Mental Patterns & Attitudes;  Changing Our Vibration;  Stretching the Time We Spend in Other Dimensions;  How to Introduce Pleiadian Wisdom to Others


Recorded on April 22, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Divinity is Within Us;  Earth's Ascension: Will There Be Two Earths?  The Art of Healing;  Cleansing Toxcity in Humans & in Earth;  The Best Meditation Technique;

Pia and Cullen Discuss Expansion as Part of Human Evolution


Recorded on April 24, 2012  Ashland

TopicsHow to Recognize Pleiadians;  How to Recognize Ourselves;  Expanding Beyond 3-D Through Portals;  Teaching Children How to Be;  Pole Shifts Affecting Human Behavior.

May, 2012


Recorded on May 1, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Building the New Foundation; Guidelines For Making the Shift;  Releasing Attachments; The Difference Between Taking Life and Sharing Life; Healing Our Water & Our Air; The Ultimate Responsibility; The Venus Transit is Coming


Recorded on May 6, 2012  Live International Call

Topics:  How to Release Attachments;  Venus Transit and Venus Retrograde;  Upcoming Solar Eclipse & Emotions;  Lightening Provides Vibrational Change Opportunities;  What do the 1% Need to Do Now?  Listening to Teachers & Gurus:  Laarkmaa says:  "We Are Not Your Teachers; We Are Another Yourself"


Recorded on May 8, 2012  Ashland

Topics:  Physical Effects of Atmospheric Changes;  Naturally Occurring Chemicals That Support Our Immune Systems;  Lessening Our Physical Density;  The New Nutrition: Sun Gazing;  The 8th Chakra;  2012 Escalations


Recorded on May 12, 2012  Portland, OR

Topics:  Relationship Special:  All About Relationships


Recorded on May 19, 2012  Ashland 
Special Eclipse Gathering

Topics:  The Solar Eclipse: Alcyone Moves In To Help;  The Lunar Eclipse: Changing Our Waters;  Perceptions of Multi-Dimensionality;  Acoustic Adjustments;  DNA Changes & Other Dimensions;  Ascension of Earth and Humanity


Recorded on May 20, 2012  Live International Call

Topics:  Solar and Lunar Eclipse: The Message;  Moving Beyond Form & Dimension;  Physical, Emotional & Earth Changes


Recorded on May 22, 2012 Seattle, WA

Topics:  An Introduction to Laarkmaa's Wisdom; The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Human;  Shadow Work;  Duality and Time

June, 2012


Recorded on June 3rd, 2012 Live International Call

Topics:  The Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit Energies;  Surrender, Acceptance, and Responsibility;  The Value of Feeling Separation;  Focusing Attention Only On the Present;  Physical Symptomos of Evolution;  How to Use Alchemy

August, 2012


Recorded on August 5th, 2012  Russia

In English and Russian

September, 2012


Recorded on September 26th, 2012,  1hr 50min 

In Chinese and English

Recorded on September 29th, 2012,   Ashland

Topics: Applying the wisdom that we have; Evolution of humanity and Earth; The power of Will; Difference between Will and Trust; Communicating through our water; Evolution of Humanity and Earth; Choice


Recorded on September 30th, 2012,  International Live Call

Topics:  Expanding the use of your mind; How to manifest; Sending light to political leaders of the world; The power of Will; taking knowledge from the cognitive into practice.

October, 2012


Recorded on October 14th, 2012  International Live Call

Topics: Lightworker Challenges;  Feeling isolated;  Building Community; Coming Earth Changes;  Inner Journey;  Living the Golded Rule;  Responsibility


Recorded on October 28th, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Using your will to monitor your thoughts; Structure of time; Strategic placement of lightworkers around the planet; 21 days of silence.

November, 2012

Recorded on November 11th, 2012   International Live Call

Topics:  21 days of silence; Diet during these 21 days; Moving into fear; Physical challenges; The work of the Lightworkers.


Recorded on November 25th, 2012   International Live Call

Topics:  Energy of Gratitude; Sidestepping drama;  Effects of Core days;  Releasing control;  Exercise: Breathing through your Will center;  Hurricane Sandy;  12/12/12 and 12/21/12;  Period of darkness;  Period of waiting;  Higher levels of vibration

December, 2012


Recorded on December 1st, 2012   Ashland

Topics:  Benefits of Silence;  Manifestation;  Toning;  Communicating with Water;  Out of body experience;  Body adjustments to changes in incoming energy


Recorded on December 2nd, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  Manifesting through sound;  The tone of Om;  Christ Consciousness;  Fear of "Not doing it right";  Water beings;  Hawai'i, Lemuria and Atlantis;  Chakra's and "junk DNA"


Recorded on December 12th, 2012   Mt Shasta  Chinese Gathering 

Topics:  The energies of, and leading up to 12/21/12; The effects of technology on our children; Love in everyday life


Recorded on December 16th, 2012  International Live Call

Topics:  The energy of the shift into the Golden age; Time;  Dealing with human tragedy;  Global group Meditation for 12/21/12;


Recorded on December 21st, 2012  Mt Shasta
Topics:  Changes in Universal energies arriving to lead Earth energies; Binary understanding of energy; 2013 -
Portal to the Golden Age; Going inward for deep listening and integration; How to reach unity through duality; Dietary instructions for evolution; What can we do to help the collective consciousness; How to support our children in bringing in light; How to support animals transcendence.


Recorded on December 30th, 2012  International Live Call Topics:  Effects of the Shift: Bliss & Despair;  Disappointment from expectations;  Physical, Mental, and Emotional discomfort;  How to deal with intense anger and grief;  2012, the release of 5000 years of pain, suffering, and separation;  Creating space for the New to arrive

January, 2013


Recorded on January 13th, 2013    International Live Call
Moving from the construct of time;  Children in unawakened families;  Sending light of Grace and Healing and then Transformation to parts of the world;  Sending light to China;  Surrendering control of the Body;  Center for Laarkmaa

February, 2013


Recorded on February 10th, 2013   International Live Call
Special "Laarkmaa Center" Call
90 minutes with Pia and Cullen.  30 minutes with Laarkmaa


Recorded on February 24th, 2013   International Live Call
New perspective on Mercury Retrograde; Abundance and proper energetic exchange; Meditative state changes; Value of History; Judgment vs Compassion; State of Earth; Being an example; Healing chronic conditions; Tone for expanding ourselves.

March, 2013


Recorded on March 10th, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  Difference between internal resistance and external change;

Infinity Symbol; Dangers of Sugar; Physical and Emotional symptoms;

Raising Vibrations; Fungal Infections; Increased Radiation; Power of Will;

Living on Love, Sunlight and Water; Update on Laarkmaa Retreat Center;
Probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii 


Recorded on March 27th, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  Energy of Fear;  Envoking the Energy of Trust;  Effects of Radiation;  Where do Emotions come from?  Lucid Dreaming;  Drama vs Passion;  Multi-dimensional Teachings;  Evaporated Cane Juice;  Hobbies;  Death and Unresolved Emotions;  Auditory Sensitivity.

April, 2013


Recorded on April 7th, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  Pia and Cullen talk about the upcoming book; Fracking;  White Light of Truth, Green Light of Healing;  Practicing Telepathy with Children;  Chemtrails; Neutering and Spaying animals; Communicating with Trees, Animals and Crystals;  Living without Fear

May, 2013


Recorded on May 12th, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  Pia and Cullen in gratitude for Light and Love to Cullen; Update on Fracking;  Proper Energetic Exchange; Learn to receive from the Heart;  May 5th Energy shift;  Chem Trails;  Divine Feminine for Mother's Day; Spiritual Responsibility vs Physical Responsibility; Releasing Attachment.


Recorded on May 19th, 2013  International Live Call
Topics:  Anxciety, Excitement and Change;  How can I Serve;  Transportation in the future; Sexuality;  Hosting Laarkmaa in Europe; Rainbow Body Form


Recorded on May 26th, 2013  International Live Call
Topics:  True Community; Proper Manifesting;  Discernment vs. Judgment; Moving beyond Fear;  Our natural Gifts;  Proper Energetic Exchange.

June, 2013


Recorded on June 2nd, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  New Colors, Irredecense, Sparkle, Luminence; Holy Day June 22nd; Creating from the NOW moment; Bridge of Trust;  Clean air to Mexico;  12 strands of DNA;  Allowing movement of energy;  Parallel Universes; Balancing being of service and being in nature.

August, 2013


Recorded on August 11th, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  The Golden Age;  Using Fear to move beyond fear;  The Inner Realms;  Extremes of Duality;  Humans experiencing change of all kinds; "Assisting Remaining Humanity";  Earth's Ascension;  Being of Service in large Cities.


Recorded on August 20th, 2013  Ashland Gathering

Topics:  September 22nd: What may come;  What's happening to our Sun;  Ahimsa - Do No Harm;  Topics from Laarkmaa's new book - Remembering Who We Are;  Impending Shifts and Changes;  Helping Children Through the Changes;  Roles of Insterstellar helpers;  Fear of not Ascending;  How can we support others in pain

September, 2013


Recorded on September 1st, 2013  International Live Call

Topics:  Helping vs Care Giving;  Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox;  Everything based on Love or Fear;  The Feeling of Love;  Evolutionary Pulse Marks;  Earth nad Human Evolution, how is it affecting Star Beings.

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To receive an mp3 prior to February 2012 
Send an email to help(at)
and request the mp3 you would like to have.
You can find the listing here.