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"Thank you very much for our session last week with Laarkmaa. It was tremendously beautiful. I still feel the energy working through my body, and new insights are rising, too!"



Canada, Alberta:

"I am thankful to have worked with Laarkmaa to help move energy that is blocked. Laarkmaa helped guide me in areas that I need to work on to regain my power and to increase my vibration."



Canada, British Columbia:

"My synchronization with Laarkmaa was wonderful! It felt like I was enfolded in the loving arms of a wise, nurturing parent as they gently guided and encouraged me to seek answers that would empower me to continue my growth. Each time I listen to the recording the feeling returns, and I gain new insights, hearing things I had previously missed. I would highly recommend a personal synchronization with Laarkmaa."



Canada, Ontario:

"When I called into the personal synchronization session with Laarkmaa, I had no idea the conversation would take the direction it did, but I am thankful that it happened that way. Laarkmaa in typical fashion gently and lovingly showed me how to deal with a very challenging situation in my life and share so much wisdom to help me in my personal journey and progression."




"My time spent with Laarkmaa was nothing less than extraordinary!

The insights I was given will help me to more closely monitor my thoughts and emotions. I now have the tools to transform my life in a much more powerful and direct way. Thank you, Laarkmaa!"

CS, England



"I had a one-to-one with Laarkmaa, as my whole life seemed to be spiraling downwards. The session was so uplifting, I had the feeling of being cradled in loving arms, and their presence has stayed with me ever since. I am now back to feeling strong and ready with open arms for the changes to come. I work as a therapist; I can now continue to impart this strength to my clients and friends to open them up to their new possibilities."



"My work with Laarkmaa makes me feel like I am returning to Source."




"A life changing experience! Laarkmaa's synchronization with me provide insights, released blockages, and showed me new ways for the future. They helped me get rid of my food addiction and step further into my True Self."



New Zealand:

"One hour with Laarkmaa was more valuable than years of therapy. All of the places I have felt 'stuck' are now moving at an extremely accelerated pace, as I reclaim the power to be my true self. There is nothing I recommend more than a personal session with Laarkmaa to speed you on your evolutionary path."




"I am ever grateful to Laarkmaa for helping me through a challenging time in my life. I was able to find clarity in areas where I felt stuck. And the healing we did togetheron my body hashelped meon many levels....one of whichis mylimited belief that I cannot be self-sufficient. I have gained trust again in myself. Their loving energy and their encouragement to find creative solutions empowers me more than ever. My love to Laarkma and the both of you."

O., Singapore



"I have been on a conscious "search" for as long as I can remember finding deeper and deeper knowledge and understanding. But the "time" that I was given with Laarkmaa gave me a quantum leap in peace, as well clear signposts on how to see myself and others. I do so much appreciate and admire your work and am deeply grateful for all the help that I have received from you both and Laarkmaa."




"My personal synchronizing with Laarkmaa was beautiful in many ways. First I was nervous and almost cried, but soon I felt relaxed and we had a great time together- a fine dialogue and much laughter! Sometimes when I couldn't put words into a question, I just held the feeling in my heart and talked a little about my situation, and I asked Laarkmaa to talk about the issue and they indeed did. Laarkmaa understood my need of guidance and even answered questions I didn't know I had. Sometimes they answered me before I asked, which was amazing. Laarkmaa didn't just answer with words, they also did energy work with me, so that I could feel and understand more deeply in supporting my work of clearing my shadows. For me, this dialog has confirmed what I always felt in my heart since I was a girl, but had somehow lost. It was very easy to talk, as Laarkmaa created a place of trust for our dialogue. I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Thank You Laarkmma! and Thank You Rebecca and Cullen. Love You all."




My personal experience with Laarkmaa gave me more inner freedom. I feel less automatic reaction in some situations; the old negative feelings are fading away.




I have known that Pleiadians exist for several years so its not strange to speak with them through Cullen and Rebecca, but it's a HUGE gift! Its feels like I somehow"belong" to the Pleiades. I really felt Laarkmaa's energy when discussing things that have been bothering me. I felt such an ease in the body; I was really touched by Laarkmaa because I know in my heart that they spoke the truth. The day after my personal session I was more joyful and lighter.




My impression after synchronization with Laarkmaa is that it was absolutely necessary for me in order to move on with my life. My energy shifted dramatically during the session and even much more after the session. Next day I felt easy, light and clear. Suddenly I had energy to do things that I couldn't force me to do for months... Energies are still working strongly all the time, though it is some days after the session. Laarkmaa told me to integrate the experience, which I do with joy. I believe that everybody can benefit greatly from such synchronization and I do recommend from my heart to do it! Don't wait, just do it! It gives both understanding and energy shift. It is a loving help to clear up things that are more or less stuck in one's being, that are not so easy to do by oneself. It is magic. I loved it and am going to do it again after my integration time.

Thank you Rebecca and Cullen for your beautiful work and Laarkmaa for your magnificent assistance and such an incredible opportunity."





"I have been listening to conversations with Laarkmaa over the last several months and I always find Laarkmaa's perspective to be enlightening, helpful and healing on all levels. I just had a personal synchronization session with Laarkmaa and it was absolutely incredible. The personal synchronization session is an amazing gift from Laarkmaa and I highly recommend this experience for anyone who resonates with Laarkmaa's energy. I was so thankful to spend one hour connecting and having a personal dialogue with Laarkmaa. The session was truly a gift as I was able to ask specific questions, receive healing energy and hear Laarkmaa's perspective on things I am trying to shift in my life. I look forward to listening to the conversation again as Laarkmaa's gifts and perspective will continue to unfold over time. Thank you Laarkmaa!"

Marla in Istanbul


USA, Arizona:

"On February 10, 2012 I spent one hour synchronizing with Laarkmaa and I would like to share the value of that experience with you. To say it was "life changing" would simultaneously be an overstatement and an understatement. Please let me explain: To be an overstatement would present this as a quick-fix, a sort of magic pill that so many of us long for and at times believe is available in our 3D worlds to miraculously remove whatever is blocking us. So, while this is not a quick-fix, but rather an invitation to live without chains and without a fixation to the past, including its hardships, tragedies, short-comings and negative stories being replayed over and over again preventing us from living in the present and to our Divine glory, it is a "life changing" experience that happens gradually as you allow yourself to resonate with the truth of what Laarkmaa says through the vehicles of Rebecca and Cullen. The truth is a realization of choice in the present tense to allow the Divine to flow freely and joyfully in each of us. The truth of this time with Laarkmaa was profound and insightful as I gleaned an awareness of how to continue on my journey of ascension. Perhaps I can best sum up this harmonizing experience by stating that it is a recipe for Divine Intervention!"



USA, California:

"I am so grateful for the personal synchronization session with Laarkmaa!  I still feel Laarkmaa's presence and all the love.  The message rang so true.  I do feel that love is the only thing that matters.  Thank you from my heart."



USA, California:

At first I felt the sensation of butterflies in my stomach. As soon as Laarkmaa began the feeling quickly turned into deep peace and oneness. I allowed my feeling body to open and receive the beautiful message my Pleiadian friends were painting. I felt a very calming and supportive energy weaving it's light into my entire being. The music of truth resonated so deeply that it released a sadness within. I left the session feeling expansive, totally at peaceand grateful for my time with Laarkmaa.



USA, California:

"I love Laarkmaa. I had a wonderful personal session in which I received answers to questions and advice on many topics including: co-creating, loving myself and others, listening to my heart, abundance, dark forces, light workers, energy healing, relationships, and my website (ConsciousLifeNews.com). I am thrilled that Laarkmaa has offered personal synchronizations from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox (March 20, 2012). I will definitely schedule another session and highly recommend it to others."

Ross Pittman

Conscious Life News


USA, California:

"In an era of increasing confusion, Laarkmaa gives precise examples of how to orient ourselves toward a new consciousness through love and helps us release the feelings of fear, moving forward with truth and awareness."


Newport Beach, CA


USA, California:

"I find that my first personal conversation with Laarkmaa was refreshing



USA, Colorado:

"My personal synchronization with Laarkmaa was deep, illuminating, and heart opening."



USA, Hawaii:

My Personal Synchronization with Laarkmaa was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life! I was a little nervous because my 3D mind kept thinking, “I can’t believe I’m speaking with inter-dimensional Beings!”
Laarkmaa works with movements, tones and colors to help you move the blocks/issues that hold you back. They will not pull the issues out of you for you must do your 50% and they will do theirs.
I am ‘seeing’ this reality in a whole new way.  I don’t look at objects as much as I notice how they MOVE.  The sounds of NATURE are more in the forefront than the sounds of civilization.  I pay attention to the COLORS of everything around me because it all has a different meaning now.
 There is a whole other, more significant reality right under our noses if we just become AWARE.  Laarkmaa will assist you in doing that. You only need to have an open HEART and mind.  Any “issues” you may have will take care of themselves.
I LOVE you Laarkmaa with ALL my HEART!
The Big Island, Hawaii


USA, Illinois:

"I want to convey my deepest appreciation for the work that both of you do in bringing forth the energy of Laarkmaa. The timing is perfect for the Laarkmaa synchronizations and will be extemely beneficial in moving forward into the energy of 2012."

Laura in Chicago


USA, Illinois:

"Thank you for offering the synchronization session with Laarkmaa. I just listened to the recording, and I am amazed at how much information I received that I didn't catch completely while participating. I loved how Laarkmaa didn't tell me what to do, but encouraged me to look deeply myself. Of course, I was also grateful for the surprises--who knew I had a thing for the fairy kingdom! I particularly appreciated the tools suggested specifically for me that I know I can use every day. In just 24 hours since the session with Laarkmaa, I know I am a different person. Focused, calm, and more trusting than ever. I have a new excitement about what is in store for me! I can't thank you enough."

Martha C.



USA, Michgan:

I have never had a reading that has left me feeling so full of light and possibilities. The session with Laarkmaa, Pia, and Cullen has opened up a new understanding for me beyond what I got from their book, Conversations with Laarkmaa, as well as important personal information that is changing my life in a most positive manner! Thank you, Laarkmaa, and to Pia and Cullen for doing this work with them.




USA, Michigan:

The value of my Personal Synchronization with Laarkmaa surpassed all of my expectations. I felt their immense love energy instantly, in fact; it literally lifted my mood as if by "magic".  I have come to realize after the call that, to date, this was the best investment I have ever made; moreover, I plan to include such sessions to my budget.  Personal spiritual maintenance is as important as physical check-ups; we should care for our spirits at least as often as we care for our bodies; truth is our bodies will be better for it.  Thank you for the wonderful gift.  With my deepest love and gratitude,

Gilka Calazans


USA, Michigan:

"I absolutely loved connecting to Laarkmaa on a one on one basis. It is very freeing because there is no judgement, ever, only unconditional love and really, really insightful information to spur you along on your spiritual path. Rebecca and Cullen are very sweet, and I am so glad I made that leap of faith with my personal call."



USA, Minnesota:

"The opportunity to speak with Laarkmaa about your own path is something I couldn't pass up. In true Laarkmaa fashion, they gently guided me to the answers I was in search of. This isn't a traditional "psychic" reading or channeling where they feed you answers. Laarkmaa works with you to find the source of the issue and then assists in showing you their perspective."

Derek in Minneapolis


USA, New Jersey:

"It was a great privilege to be able to synchronize with Laarkmaa. I was a bit nervous to begin with, but Laarkmaa quickly put me at ease. I was given valuable insight to the many questions that I was able to ask. I was especially impressed with the explanation of parallel lives that Laarkmaa gave in a clear and concise manner. Laarkmaa has helped me through a very traumatic part of my life. I am forever changed for the better because of Laarkmaa"



USA, Ohio:

"As I continue to raise my consciousness and cultivate loving myself unconditionally, I draw very high vibrational experiences to me. Experiencing a synchronization with Laarkmaa through Rebecca and Cullen was exactly that kind of experience! I experience wonderful, strong, loving energy and encouraging words which inspire me to stay true to my inner calling, supporting my personal commitment to stay on my path to



USA, Oregon:

Having my synchronization with Laarkmaa was a profound experience. It helped to heal several long standing issues and to teach me who I really am and how to function in this existence. Lessons I already knew about but had not learned in such an experiential way. Now I can live that learning! My gratitude for the work that Cullen and Pia are doing and for the compassion that Laarkmaa is sending to us all.



USA, Oregon:

"I recommend that a personal meeting with Laarkmaa be put at the top of your priority list! I left the session amazed by the beautiful transformation and healing I experienced. I also gained a deeper understanding of myself and my life's direction. In listening to the recording I continue to make further progress in deepening my awareness of the healing power of love and joy. I thank you Rebecca and Cullen for your beautiful work and I thank Laarkmaa for their loving presence."


USA, Oregon:

My personal synchronization with Laarkmaa was insightful and helpful, as we cleared out some old beliefs and patterns that have kept me from experiencing the joy of living. Laarkmaa gave their wisdom and impressions through deep love. A long-term physical issue was resolved during the session and has not returned. My heart is full of love and gratitude to Laarkmaa.



USA, Oregon:

"My personal session with Laarkmaa was amazing. They helped me remove some major blocks in my heart, showing me how to make better decisions about my relationship and my life. Things are moving at light speed now thanks to Laarkmaa's help!"

Lora H.


USA, Oregon:

I so appreciated my time with Laarkmaa; it was invaluable to me. My personal synchronization gave me the assurance to know that I am on the right path and helped me to work on dissolving any blocks standing in my way.



USA, Oregon:

"Experiencing a personal synchronization with Laarkmaa is remembering that part of you that knows, and always Knew, that which emanates from the deepest part of your Being, that part where separation is unknown and only wholeness exists. I experience and knew this in my heart and in my dreamtime, but having it mirrored so clearly helped me define very practical action steps to shift my life in earthly 3-D experience so that dream and day-to-day experience are more aligned."



USA, Texas:

"Synchronizing with Laarkmaa was truly a life changing event for me, as I was able to be brought to a place of greater peace and harmony with myself and others. The encouragement I received in knowing I was on my path and doing my work was so helpful. The tools Laarkmaa shared with me to move forward on my journey will continue to assist me daily as I work with the Light and Love forever."



USA, Utah:

Wisdom and insight that transcends our 3rd dimensional world. I am filled with gratitude for opportunity to participate in the Laarkmaa experience!



USA, Washington:

"Thank you so much for facilitating our Laarkmaa personal synchronization. As you probably could tell, it touched us in a profoundly deep way. We are just beginning the process of unfolding the meanings that it has for us. We are already feeling multi-levels of change resulting in us because of that meaningful and wonderful communication."

Stanley del Mundo & Resha in Seattle

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"Laarkmaa is reaching the next generation. My son asked me some questions that led me to share information about Laarkmaa. Honestly I thought it would scare him, but he got so excited and finally said, "Mom I'm so happy to know that all this exists and we are not alone!"  It was great to see him so uplifted by the messages. I let him know that this great feeling he had was the resonance of truth within him and explained that he doesn't need to listen to me or anyone else. He simply needs to listen to that feeling of truth inside of him."

MC, Illinois


"Eternally grateful to you two lovely humans on this beautiful planet. Mother Earth and all living creatures thank you deeply." 
Erika Mikaelsson, www.greatpeople.tv, Sweden


"I like this. Laarkmaa is creating Audio tapes that are aligned with the Ninth Wave." 
Carl Johan Calleman, Author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar, The Purposeful Universe, & The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.


"I want to thank you both for all you do to enlighten the rest of us. You are so generous with your time and energy. You are both such beautiful beings in every sense of the word. I feel so privileged to know you."
Nicole Rupert, Oregon


"The many gifts that I have received from you, from Laarkmaa, and from the Divine Feminine have been life-changing for me. I feel as though I have found my true family and my purpose for being alive during this time on this planet." Teresa Dopyera, Oregon


"Your work is very concise and to the point, making a potentially confusing time so much more understandable! I am grateful for the work that you do in partnership with Laarkmaa." 

Cathy Hastings, Oregon


You two will inspire many people to look further in life, to connect with each other, and to honor the many beings and many mysteries in the universe."  Ruth Richards, M.D., Ph.D., California


"I want to encourage you to continue your work. It gives me a view of a different reality, comfort, and anticipation of incredible possibilities." 
B. Williams, Oregon


"I want to thank both of you for being so loving and in service to the light. Your beloved presence and gift to earth is greatly appreciated by me and many others who are on the path of light." 
Ryan Holub, California


"You have brought us something so valuable through your connection with our Pleiadian and Arcturian family. We thank you for your wonderful love and service."
Summer Thompson, Oregon.


"Thank you for this helpful information- I think of you and all of us and all of this with anticipation, excitement, and curiosity about every shimmering evolutionary moment. Hold on to your hats, or maybe even better, throw them into the air!"
Aletha Nowitzky, Oregon


"In gratitude to you both and your Pleiadian Family of Light and Love" Ruthanne Holbert, Oregon


"Thank you for being emissaries of the light!"

Charlene Light, California


"You two will inspire many people to look further in life, to connect with each other, and to honor the many beings and many mysteries in the universe."


"Thank you so much for sharing Laarkmaa and your personal Love with us here in Sweden!"
Petter, Sweden


"What loving beings!"
Ronald B. Minson, M.D., Colorado


These endorsements are from those people who had the priviledge of working directly with Laarkmaa

Personal Synchronizations are not available at this time.