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by Rebecca (Pia) Smith Orleane, Ph.D. and
Cullen Baird Smith

For the first time in history, a Pleiadian group has invited a human couple to join an interplanetary team for helping the evolution of humanity. Cullen Baird Smith and Rebecca Smith Orleane, acting as ambassadors to the Pleiadians, bring Laarkmaa's inspiring and heart warming messages of hope, love, and peace to all those who are willing to listen. Through recorded conversations with this Pleiadian group, Smith and Orleane share Laarkmaa's wisdom about the illusion of time, the future of technology, our innate ability to heal ourselves, the power of our thoughts, and information about who is here to guide us through this auspicious time.

Available HERE or at your local book store.

"This is a remarkable account of what some psychologists call 'an exceptional human experience.' The messages are articulate, provocative, and hopeful. Readers may agree or disagree with the authors' perspective, but they will never get bored while reading this book."

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Author and Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University.


"I have experienced first hand the Truth and power of Laarkmaa in England while standing in a sacred stone circle where Laarkmaa disclosed the holy name and meaning of this ancient place. It made my hair stand on end. Rebecca and Cullen are extraordinary inter-dimensional communicators!"

Ron Russell, Visionary Artist, Photographer, Author, CSETI Field Researcher and Director of Crop Circle Tours.


"Your book is stunning. You have such a conversational and personal style, and it is a pleasure to read. You and Cullen are doing a lot of good work in the world."
Ruth Richards, M.D., Ph.D., Author and Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University, California


"I am studying the book; it is simple and deep, and it is up to me to see for myself the vast implications and personal practice resulting from understanding and feeling the love wisdom behind the text."

Hans Nilsson, Author, Sweden


“What an answer to my searching. Now, of course, I would like to buy copies to give to all of the people I know who would love what Laarkmaa has to say. There is so much that gives me goose bumps as I read it. Fantastic job all the way around!”

Rebecca Gretz, Colorado


"What an amazing gift…on so many levels. I was riveted- it seems so familiar and I couldn't put it down. Such a joy- thank you. For sure it will touch the hearts of those who remember, and I hope will ring a chord with those who have forgotten."

Nicola Merton-Richards,  The Martinsell Center, England


“This is one of the most thought provoking books I’ve read in years. Its conversational style is engaging and easy to digest, and the material goes deep into a wide range of subjects. It presents powerful insights and observations of our situation on earth, and practical information about how to move toward a brighter future for humanity. You won’t find any woo-woo fantasy aliens here, just some intelligent new friends. Some of the information about the nature of our reality was absolutely new to me, and I’ve been studying this for decades. This book has triggered a course change for my own technical research. I can’t wait to see what’s in their next book.”

Kent Noonan, Oregon


"We appreciate the quality of communication and how the material is presented." 
 Harvey nand Julie Grady, Arizona


"Your message of love is music to my ears!"

Eileen in Australia


"It is hard to express the impact your books are having on me, but they make me feel connected in a way I have not felt before. I am drawn to read them over and over. I am new to much of this work, but I know to listen to my heart. Just because one doesn't see things or hear voices (like I don't) doesn't mean they are any less divine…I think I knew that, but your books have confirmed it."

Sandy in Massachusetts


"I just finished Conversations With Laarkmaa and feel compelled to express my immense gratitude and appreciation for the work you are doing. Thank you for all you are doing to assist us in awakening to the Divine in each one of us. Thank you for helping us to choose Unity and Love."

Trisha Carnarius, Oregon


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Conversations with Laarkmaa: 
A Pleiadian View of the New Reality